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Sunday, May 28, 2006


This layout is my absolute favourite and it's been requested by SM for publication in their upcoming doodling gallery!!!!! I am soooo chuffed because I have been SUCH a baby about subbing my stuff, so I have subbed hardly anything at all...self-confidence thing lol ;D But, thanks to lots of encouragement (read: kicks up the know who you are girls ;P) I have decided to be less precious about it and, I DID IT!!!!...and hence the title of this post :o) I bet you are all ROFL your arses off at me now for being such a sook and yelling at the computer screen "I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!" hehehehe ;D

Now, a little bit about this layout...just in case you are interested. If not, feel free to skip this bit lol ;P It is a vertical double 12x12, and I have rounded the opposite corners of the black cardstock...aaah, bit self-explanatory. So, the white background is there 'cos I am too slack to be bothered with cropping it away properly. AAANYWAY, it's all about how my sense of style is very eclectic, and that this has carried over to my scrapbooking too. That's why I am wearing the necklace in the has lots of different little bits on it (ribbon, charms, shell buttons, etc.); very eclectic, and I wanted the photo to convey the layout's message of course. LOTS of different bits here, lots of different doodling, and it was HEAPS of fun to do!!! I actually intended to use this for my Scrap To The Max dt application but never got it finished in time, so I have been slowly working on it for the last few months...and it seems as though it has taken me FOREVER to finish it. I am so glad that I have, and I am thrilled to bits with it :o) Hmmmm, I need to take some detail shots of it a-la-Nic 'cos Blogger won't let you look at it the size it's meant to be.

Enough yabbering about that :o)

I am feeling like a REAL dill because when we got to the show on Friday, and I pulled out my camera, I turned it on and went to start shooting.....and no bloody CF card. DOH!!!!! BIG TIME!!!!!! So, no pics from the show :o( But, we all had a great time, just can't SHOW you how much of a good time (pardon the pun lol). Damn expensive though!!!!! Remember how I said Lachie wanted a Spiderman showbag and Lili wanted a Pony one??? Well, they weren't getting them for $21.50 EACH!!!! And they were just as happy with the $5 Freddo Frog showbags we got them instead...gorged themselves silly on chocolate lol ;D Oooooh, gotta tell you this too...I took Lili on the Ferris Wheel...and SHE was the one that asked ME if she could go on it!!!! I thought she'd be terrified to be up that high 'cos she's only two years old, but no tears...she actually laughed the WHOLE time and had a BALL waving to Daddy and Lachie...sooooooo damn funny ROFL!!!! ;D ;D ;D And no, I wasn't scared either lol, just in case you were wondering ;P But, I held onto her so way I was letting her budge!!!

Well, pretty good weekend here. Mark let me have the mother of all sleep-ins today...woke me at 11.30am and trust me, after the period I've had this past week, I needed it!!! Isn't he a sweetie???? I just hope I can sleep tonight! We went over to Mum's place for lunch - home made pizza YUMMY!!! - and played footy and jigsaws with the kids in Mum's backyard...Lachie was going for the kill tackling was soooo HILARIOUS!!!!!! Mum was almost wetting herself laughing lol ;D And Lil wanted a rest for a while, so we played with a jigsaw puzzle and watched the antics :o)

Wow, a rather short post for me lol ;D Check back in soon with something REALLY exciting...suspense lol ;P

Thanks for your support everyone and for checking in on me :o) MMMMMWAAAAAH!!!! xoxo


Blogger Shazz said...

OMG Karen.....that LO is so amazing.....and so you!!!! congrats on having it picked up by SM too. you must be so proud of it and yourself.
i love love love it and i wish with all my heart i could scrap like you do - but alas i can't.
LOL at your ferris wheel mum took my boys on one once and held them so tight they threw up all over her - she was the scared one....NOT THEM...ROTFL.
have a great week buddy


9:47 AM  
Blogger Belinda said...

Hi Karen,
WOW, your LO is stunning!! I love your work so so much!! Please keep subbing your work is so inspiring!!
I would love to add your blog to my 'inspirations' list (on my blog) would that be ok with you. (sounds corny I Just thought I'd ask thats all! I'm quite new to the blogging world!
Chat soon..
Belinda (STTM)

10:42 AM  
Blogger NuttyScrapper said...

Woooweeeee that is AMAZING!! If they don't choose any of your LO's for a Doodling call, then what are they thinking??


1:37 PM  
Anonymous janinek said...

You have fantastic work and should definately sub more!! I love this layout and was trying to work out what size you had done it. I would never have thought to do a verticle 12x12! Congrats

4:58 PM  
Blogger Chris Millar said...

Totally brilliant Karen! Glad we got to see it here first!!
Love the layouts in your below post too!

1:36 PM  
Blogger Nicole Finlayson said...

Woohooey wow Karen!!!!

YUMMO, and would LOVE to see some detail shots chick.

Congratulations on the sub too and YEAH I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11:09 PM  

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