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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Tagged... Mel! Here it is matey...finally I hear you say ROFL ;P

In my Fridge
Apple juice - Lachie's fave drink
Chocolate "Thomas the Tank Engine" cupcakes
Leftover sweet & sour chicken from tea tonight
Broccoli - Lili has been wanting it every tea time lately, so we have LOTS lol ;D
Fresh ham for lunch tomorrow...yummy!!!

In my Closet
Skinny clothes (me too Mel!)
LOTS of pairs of thongs...I love 'em and wear them even in winter!
A blow-up jet ski - pool toy of Lili's that she WON'T leave alone so I'm hiding it from her!!!
My winter clothes - unpacked them just recently and it's been too warm to even contemplating wearing them here yet!
Too many beaded handbags lol...handbag FREAK here ;D
My black gypsy skirt...I am LOVING this at the mo!!!

In my handbag
Billabong wallet
Body Shop raspberry lip balm - YUMMY!!!
Tampons - 'cos I never know when my damn period is going to appear!
Nurofen Plus - for above-mentioned unpredictable period

In my car
Toys, toys and MORE toys - why do kids do this?????
Kids' shoes - ditto for above
Latest CK magazine - got it today and LOVE it!!!!
Bills - YUK!

On my DVD / Viedo player
CSI that I taped on Sunday night
"Ghostrider" DVDs - anyone else have a husband who loves this motorbike-riding freak????
Madagascar - my two love singing "I like to move it move it" at the top of their voices at the mo lol ;P
DVD remote - away from "Lili the battery bandit" ROFLMAO...she keeps pinching them to put back in a very annoying toy of hers that we took the batteries out of ;P
Photo of our nephew Jesse (Mark's sister's delightful 13yo boy)

Hmmmm, I might just have to scrap that now! LOL ;D

Thanks Mel :o)


Blogger Mel Diener said...

Yay..bout time woman lol.

And a super duper woooohooooo on Marks transfer!!!!

4:34 PM  

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