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Thursday, May 25, 2006

New Layouts :o)

Ok. Here we go...lots to look at! Told you I've been busy scrapping lol ;P

Sometimes I have so many ideas for new layouts floating around in my head that everytime I try to scrap them, I end up with all of them on the one page and it is just a TOTAL MESS. I've had this going on in the last week. So, I scraplift. Not fussy layouts, just simple things. I really love Jamie Waters, Shannon Tidwell, and Candi Leonard, all dt members for KI Memories (who else? ROFL ;D). And Kristina Nicolai-White of Two Peas fame...she rocks too :o) So, off I go on my merry little way, and I have a ball!!! Somehow it settles my creativity down and lets me create in my own style again when I'm ready.

So, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I was in HEAVEN when I saw the article in CK, "Make 12 Layouts in One Night!" (May 2006, p.68) by Marianne Madsen, with all layouts by Jamie Waters. I was soooo doing the whole Homer-drool thing over it lol ;D And perfect timing too, with my scrap-jumbled brain! PLEASE excuse my photos...I swear everything is straight irl!!! So, here's my layouts for the "recipes" I've used so far...

Recipe 1 (p.72): Old pics of me the day my cousin Anna was christened. My Auntie asked me to be her Godmother. I was so chuffed! I'm almost nine years old laughing allowed lol!!!!!

Recipe 4 (p.75): Self-explanatory pics...Lachie playing with a cane beetle. He loves bugs and lizards and things :o)

Recipe 6 (p.78): Lachie's portrait for Junior Kindy room at daycare (2004). Isn't he a sweetie? He's 2 here :o)

Recipe 7 (p.79): Some pics of Lili being cheeky and not wanting to cooperate for some photos when she was 15mths. She was a terror!!! I tried and tried for AGES to get these...not the best photos but I wanted to scrap them anyway :o) Awww, the memories are flooding back!

Recipe 10 (p.82): Some quick photos of Lachie that I took the first day he was due to start in the Senior Kindy room at daycare last year...BIG boys' kindy ;D Hard to get him to stand still...he was so keen to get going lol ;D

Recipe 11 (p.83): A silly pic that Mark's Mum took of Lili rolling around on the grass and playing with her dolly. This was taken just after she'd learnt to crawl on her knees instead of her belly (10mths). She giggled the whole time ;D Geez I miss her being a baby...she was such an easy baby and so much fun! Lachie, on the other hand...drama queen, spewed everywhere endlessly, forever on the go. Phew!!!

Six recipes down, six to go. I've used all old photos from my stash that have been crying out to be scrapped, so that's the plan...I need to go through them all again and pick out some more :o) Each one took me on average about 35-40mins, compared to my usual 3-4hr marathons, so it's been a nice change to get six layouts done this week instead of two ROFL ;D

Oh, one more lift while I'm at it...a Candi Leonard lift here :o)

If there's one thing that I love about scrapping, it's that every single layout doesn't have to be an elaborate "masterpiece" iykwim. I can change up my style and let whatever I want influence me, whenever I choose, and I am still getting layouts done for my albums. AND, the brain settles itself down too. So, everyone's happy in the end lol ;P

Well, I'm off now to have some freshly-baked chocolate slice (like brownies) with my Mark...I know, it's midnight and I've been baking, I must be crazy ROFL ;D I made a chocolate cake too. Well, when the mood strikes lol ;P...

Be back soon with some pics from the show, and another layout I've been saving. Seeya!!!! MWAAAAAAAH!!!! :o)


Blogger Karen said...

Just gorgeous Karen! Love them all. You have been on a roll haven't you girl! How cool. Wish I could... haven't scrapped for AGES!

Hmmm...chocolate slice... can I have a piece...LOL


8:59 AM  
Anonymous janinek said...

These have all turned out fabulous and wow, 6 layouts done in such a short time frame. It feels so good to get around to those photos you have been meaning to do for so long!

5:49 PM  
Blogger Amber McAlpine said...

OMG you have been busy girl.
Loving all your LO, they look fabbo, i might have to get me the CK and have a go myself.
Mmmmmmm, chocolate slice, sounds delicious, send some my way if you like ;)

7:38 PM  
Blogger Moira said...

Fantastic Karen! What a busy beaver. And yet all these recipes still look YOU! x P.S. Don't mention the chocolate!!! LOL

12:22 AM  
Blogger Shazz said...

awesome los karen and SOOOOO many - i think some of my scrapping inspiration has gone to you place for a sleepover.....LOL
and i always knew you were a bit of a crazy woman but baking at midnight...???
no i KNOW why we get on so well...ROTFL
have a great weekend


5:36 AM  

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