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Thursday, May 25, 2006

My kids' layouts :o)

I am so proud of my two for their scrapping yesterday...I think this might have to become a regular thing with us :o)

Here's Lili's layout. She loved sticking everything on and had an absolute ball! She fiddled with it for ages, and added some cutting down the right-hand side (copying off her brother ROFL!!). So here it is, and yes it is proudly hanging on her bedroom door, which she thinks is just wonderful ;D

And here's Lachie's layout...he's really into cutting at the moment, so he just HAD to cut it all around. He said it was too big so he had to cut some off...ROFL!!! He was so much quicker than Lili, and he's got a really linear style. And, he used a whole gluestick on it, which I had only bought yesterday especailly for him to use for his scrapping...GRRRR!!!! Lili got one too. Anyway, here it is, also hanging proudly on his bedroom door, which he also thinks is fabulous ;D

So there you go :o) We are planning another scrap-a-thon for the weekend so YAY!!!!! Can't wait...I am sure we will have fun again ;D

Patience Nic...will blog my layouts later tonight LOL :o) Tea to get ready now for the hungry hoardes, so see you all later tonight :o) xoxo


Blogger Amber McAlpine said...

WOOHOO for your two treasures scrapping Karen.

Lili - your LO is beautiful and I love all the pink, thats my favourite colour too, i bet it looks beautiful on your door.

Lachie - wow an A4 scrapper in the making. I love your LO too, you look so cool in your photo.

8:24 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

Oh aren't they just adorable!!! Such clever kiddies...

8:55 AM  
Blogger Moira said...

Great job Lili and Lachie!!!

12:23 AM  

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