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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Counting down... People's Day at our local Fraser Coast Show on Friday!!! We are so excited...the kids and I have been talking about the show non-stop, it seems. I don't know who's more excited, me or the kids lol!

Anyway, Lachie has been remembering all of the fun stuff from the show last year, but Lil wasn't two yet so she doesn't remember much. Lach has been talking about the kids' rides to Lil and I endlessly...they have this little bunch of rides all grouped together in the one area with a HUGE big circus tent-type roof covering it (complete with access to toilets, seats for parents, and food, and the wood chop is right across from it too so it's good for all of us ;D). Last year, the kids went on every ride (there are five under the circus tent), and on the motorbikes three times, and they are both soooo damn excited about it!!!! And the show bag ads have hit the telly this week...Lachie wants a Spiderman bag and Lili wants a Pony bag. OMG I can't wait to see their little faces when we drive into the showgrounds this year!!!!

Show time reminds me of home though...Maryborough home. We moved out to where we lived when I was 5. Two years later, the new showgrounds were opened up on the highway...we had to travel for a couple of mins past it each time we went into town or home again. Still have to. Anyway, we'd keep an eye on the showgrounds the weekend before the show...we'd watch each day as more showies arrived, more rides went up, and the anticipation built too until the show opened. We could see the fireworks from our house, smell the smells, hear the screams of the people on the rides, see the lights glowing in the was just magic! And we lived so close, so we went every day the show was on. GOD I loved the show when I was a kid! And I still love it :o)

But I am really missing it this year. Missing watching the showies set up, seeing the showgrounds evolve, hearing the sounds and seeing the lights. Missing Dad's house, my childhood home. Not missing Maryborough, or our freezing cold house down the road from Dad's though!!! Our new house is MUCH warmer thank goodness :o) But missing this time of year living in Neil Road...and my Dad, and my dog Tessie. This is the first show time since I was 5 that I haven't spent living in Neil Road, and it's a bit of a shock to the system. I'll get over it though :o)

In other news, I've been feeling really flat this last week. Period time again...and don't even ask!!!! It's been horrid!!!!!! Really painful and I've felt sooooo tired. Been sleeping lots trying to pick myself up. This time next week I'll be feeling 100% again though, so that's good. Still, I can't complain. At least I get my period, unlike my friend Bec who wants a baby more than anything in the world and will most likely never have one of her own. Makes me feel blessed that I have two special little kiddies that I love more than anything in the world. I don't know what I would've done if I was in Bec's position...I don't know how she copes sometimes.

Not much else to report, other than I've been busy scrapping :o) Remember that CK article I told you about last post? I've been using some of my old photos to scrap some layouts using the "Recipes" from the article...just bumming around doing some scrapping for me :o) I love them!!! Not taking me 15 or 20mins per layout though lol ;D I'll share some later. And today Lachie, Lili and I had a was fun!!!! I scrapped one of my layouts from the CK article while I helped them out. Lachie needed more help than Lili, even though he's older...he's more fussy, like me. Lil? She justs slaps it on...wish I could be as carefree with my own scrapping as my 2yo is lol ;P I love their layouts :o) They want to put them on their bedroom doors, so I'll do that for them tomorrow while they are at daycare...nice little surprise when they get home :o) Will share a pic later, too.

Well, thanks for reading my mammoth post (are they EVER NOT mammoth???? ROFL ;D) and I'll check back hopefully later today with some layout pics now my camera battery is nice and charged. See ya!!! xoxo


Blogger Nicole Finlayson said...

Yay Karen share that stuff girl!!!

I am hanging to finish my challenge lo using your fabbo flowers but I neeeeeed a Karen fix so hopefully I'll see your work TODAY!!!!!! ROFL

8:36 AM  
Blogger Karen said...

Heya Karen!

Oh the show... I worked on the shows (in the office) for years!!! My best friend owns a side show over here in WA (ferris wheels, dodgem cars, kiddie rides and lots more!!!) It is a thrill seeing it all setting up...and the kids love watching it!
I hope you guys have a fab time and the kids enjoy their rides!

I really feel for your friend Deb, I hadn't had my period for 3 years and I still managed to fall pregnant (don't know how!!) and now I am 19 weeks preggers and I thank god for blessing me with such a precious gift. I will keep your friend Deb in my thoughts. It is a hard thing to go through.

Please do share your work... would love to see what the kiddies did too...will check back in later to see if you have uploaded your pics!

Hope your feeling better soon chick... thinking of ya!

10:24 AM  

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