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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Quick update...

Thanks for your comments are so sweet :o)

Here's the link to my LSS's website where Mum and I will be DT members...Crazy Crafts Warehouse. Pop in and visit Collette and Andrew if you are ever up this way...they'd love to meet you :o) And tell them Karen sent ya...that's me walking out of the shop in the photo on the website's main page too ROFL ;D

Not much happening here. The kids are driving me absolutely NUTS at the moment feels like all I have done today is pick up after them. Lili is the worst...she's stuck in that 2 year old phase where they pull everything out, and I mean EVERYTHING!!!!! Out of her wardrobe, Lachie's wardrobe, throw the toys off Lachie's top bunk, reef all the toys off their shelves in their toy corner, up-end the Lego box, destroy her Barbie house, throw stuff from one end of the house to the other...OMG some days I could just...GRRRRR!!!!! I remember when Lachie used to do it and one was bad enough, but with him making mess as well, you can imagine my house at times!!!! I usually don't worry about it too much, just get in there and make them clean it up, but it's really getting on my nerves this week. Must be hormones lol ;D

LOTS and LOTS of scrapping to do this next two weeks...I have everything planned out and I just hope I can get it all done. Head down, bum up!!! We are going up to Maryborough to visit my Dad and Mark's parents tomorrow (30mins drive south, and my old home town) and I need to get some nice shots of them with the kids. Should be interesting 'cos they are all a bit camera-shy! And Dad has been restoring his Mini Cooper S which he used to race in the early 70's. It's an original, one owner...he bought it in 1969 (I think?). He's taking it to Bathurst this year for the 50 year anniversary of the Mini as part of the QLD Mini Club...a real thrill for him as he never had an opportunity to race at Bathurst and finally he'll get to drive the track in his beloved car as part of the celebrations. I can't WAIT to scrap that for him!!!! I hope to get some shots of the car for him tomorrow...he's painting it at the moment and then all he has to do is put it all back together...getting exciting!!!

Well, that's about all everyone...thanks for stopping by and hope to share some pics tomorrow, and Nic's layout Monday or Tuesday. I love how it's looking!!! Oh, hope you all like the Chilli Peppers FAVE group and they have a new album out soon YAY!!!!! Mark and I can't wait to get it ;D

Stay happy and well, won't you? Bye for now!! xx


Blogger Linda said...

Congrats to you and your mum Karen!! That is so good!

7:36 AM  
Blogger Shazz said...

busy busy busy karen....i hope you get the pics that you are hoping for.
i have camera shy rels too...makes scrapping them difficult - although some of them honestly don't deserve the effort i would put into scrapping a page....LOL
i would love to get up to hervey bay for a visit one day.....soon perhaps.
i'll phone ahead so you can put on a cuppa *wink*

have a great week my friend xo

5:36 PM  
Blogger Moira said...

I can sooooo relate to the pulling out, mess stuff! All the best with all your scrapping! And I love RHCP too. x

10:19 PM  
Anonymous Janine K said...

I sooooooo hear you about the 2 year old trash the joint phase!!! Ethan loves to destroy his brothers room and of cause I am on the older 2's back to clean up their room which results in many tears and tantrums as they plead with me it isn't their fault! Poor kids, but hey, it isn't my fault either!! LOL!!

11:36 PM  
Anonymous Julie LOVE said...

A HUGE congrats to you and your Mum about the DT spot YAY!!!


10:05 AM  
Blogger Nicole Finlayson said...

Woohoo Karen you big teaser!!! I am BUSTING to see my layout, oh goodie goodie goodie.

Oh I'm terrible with surprises and the suspence is KILLING me - rofl!!!!

And how cool about your Dad racing at Bathurst. A very scrappable moment.

Oh and my kids and their mess drive me bonkers too, constantly. Do they ever grow out of it?

Nic xx

11:20 AM  
Blogger Mel Diener said...

Yay, yay, yay on the DT ARE going to be a busy girl!!!!

ps, I've tagged you so get your butt over to my blog roflmao

8:54 PM  
Blogger Lauren said...

Congrats on the DT!

Where abouts are you located? Carole & I live in Gladstone so if your near by we should catch up some time.

I hope that you get all that scrapping done I have piles to do my self.

Enjoy your day,

Lauren x

9:24 AM  
Blogger Megan said...

Hey there you!! Congrats on the DT appointment to you and your Mum!! What a cool thing to share with her :-)

I am sorry to hear about Lili being a cyclone in the house...I have one of those too lol.

Love Megan xx

7:38 AM  

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