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Monday, April 03, 2006

Hopefully caught up now...

Hi everyone!

Thanks once again for your gorgeous comments on my last post :o) I think that I have caught up with everyone's emails now...finger's crossed xxxxx!!!! ;P

Wow has it been super busy lately for me...but then again, I say that every post, don't I? ROFL ;D Mark has only just gone back to work last Thursday...they pulled the pin on him going back when he was meant to as they wanted to make sure that all precautions were in place for him to prevent a reoccurrence of his injury. They could've told him before he actually showed up though! About three weeks ago now he was told he was right to go back, so he did, only to be told by his boss to turn around and go back home again!! Apparently, he wasn't told by his 2IC that Mark had a medical clearance to return so he had to leave. And then the crap started...Workplace Health & Safety visited from Australia Post Head Office, then he had to go back to the dr, then they over-looked Mark's dr's recommendations, then he had to go to an Occupational Therapist for further assessment...OMG!!!! And they had a postie off last year with the same injury and did none of this to him. Poor fella, was thinking he'd NEVER get back to work! But finally, he was given the all clear to return last Thursday so now my Marky is a happy man again :o)

Mark's missed work so much! He comes home from work every day and raves about what's been happening forEVER!!! He's such a gossip ROFL ;D He has some restrictions on his duties though, like only being able to deliver mail on the bike for 4 hours at a time, and he has to take hourly breaks when sorting (as they stand for a good few hours while they sort their mail into their runs), but that's okay. At least he is back and happy...and our money situation will be a bit better now as he's getting his proper penalty rates, not just sick pay rates. YAY!!!!! And I get some peace (not that I didn't like having him home, but I'm the type of person that needs some solitude or I go crazy iykwim?), but the kids are missing him not being here in the mornings now. Lachie has been playing up when I drop him at daycare...I hope he settles soon 'cos it really breaks my heart :o(

LOTS of work to do!!! Scrapping like mad...trying to work on Nic's layout and I have DT stuff due in a week too. Easter themed stuff, which is a bit of a challenge for me. I have never scrapped Easter before and I don't like how the holiday has become so commercialised...makes me sad that the meaning of Easter gets lost these days, and the same with Christmas. I want to scrap something with a bit of a "meaning" to it, as well as some fun stuff, without it all looking/sounding a bit too naff iykwim. I plan to take Mark and the kids to church on Easter Sunday this year...I go every year, but I want us all to go as a family. I need to go to church more often...I'd like to try and go once a month, but it doesn't always work out that way :o( Oh well, that doesn't mean I am not a Christian...I'm sure God understands! Oh, I am Anglican (Church of England) in case anyone was wondering :o)


I took both of Kim Archer's classes this past two weeks, and they were fabulous, as always! ;P Kim does such a fantastic job with her classes, and she really makes you feel like a part of the class.

The first two are from the "Funky Fabric Stamping" class...I did one for each of the kids. They both love looking at these and "reading" the little tags :o)...

...and this next one is from the "Celebrate Family" class. I decided to do mine on the family trait that Mark, Lachie, and Lili share...they can all roll their tongues!!!! LOL ;P It fascinates me, because I can't do it ROFL! Most of Mark's family can, but it doesn't run in my family at all. Might sound silly, but I've wanted to scrap this for a long time as it's the most obvious trait of Mark's that the kids both have. Mark was born with Binder's Syndrome, a condition where the child will have a very flat nose and quite marked dysplasia of the sinuses and upper jaw (basically, the cartilage and bone in the face do not build up in the mid region of the face as they are meant to) due to conditions in the uterus. Mark's mum had a septum growing in her uterus when she fell pregnant with him so it was essentially divided into two parts, so Mark had very little room to grow. He survived though, God knows how, but was very sick and little for a long time after he was born and had to be fed with a dropper or a spoon as he couldn't suck. His Mum and Dad had longed for a boy and it took five miscarriages to get Mark, so he's a bit special (he has 2 sisters who are 8 & 10 yrs older than him).

So, that's why I scrapped this. We'll never know what Mark would've looked like if he hadn't been born with Binder's; it is not a genetic condition in his family so if not for the septum he would've looked "normal" iykwim, and we'd be able to see bits of his looks in the kids, but we can't. But, we can see that they can roll their tongues, just like Daddy, so that's a silly but very special thing to us :o)Anyway, here it is...put your sunnies on though 'cos it's pretty bright LOL!

Well, thanks for reading my mega-post girls ;D

Catch you all soon :o) MWAH!!!!! xoxo


Blogger Peta said...

ohh I love that last layout missy!!! Glad the grumpy boy has gone and is back to be working boy LOL!!

Don't have much more to say then lovely to have you back [again] ROFL

5:38 PM  
Blogger Megan said...

WOW - what a fabulous post Karen!!!

Love the layouts and I am so pleased Mark is back at work. It obviously makes him very happy too. Being cooped up at home isn't much fun :-(

Megan xx

10:15 PM  
Anonymous JulieLove said...

Karen I totally LOVE your layouts from Kim's all that KI on the famlly layout..great piccies too!!!

Hope you are keeping well


1:34 PM  
Blogger Lara said...

love all the layouts but especially the family portraits one. Thanks for sharing.

11:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad that Mark is well enough to go back to work. It would drive me up the wall if Colin is at home all the time too. Love all of the layouts, Karen. Ditto about scrapping something meaningful.

10:18 PM  

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