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Monday, March 27, 2006

Playing catch-up...

REALLLLLY quick post for today!!! I have been a bad blogger and net-friend lately...snowed under at the moment with lots of stuff. But don't worry, I am happy and well! ;D I'll do a half-way decent post and email catch-up later in the week...please don't think I am snobbing you anyone!!!

Ok, here's some layouts I have been wanting to show you...

This first one is a case of one of Elsie's layouts in the March edition of CK. I thought her layout was AWESOME and just HAD to do one for Lili ;P I took this pic of her in Winter last year...still baby-looking here...isn't she a sweetie??? Used lots of girlie colours here to match in with her jumper. KI pp of course lol ;D And I am fast developing a thing for buttons...been collecting lots over the last few weeks :o) I really LOVE how this layout turned out, and I am soooo in love with the cute little tags behind the photo!!! Forgot to take a pic of them though :o( And I did this one just for me, 'cos I wanted to ;P...hope you all like it!

And these three layouts are from the Scrap to the Max March newsletter. Next one is coming out soon girls so don't forget to subscribe! And our gallery and message boards will be up and running VERRRRY soon, so I am looking forward to "seeing" a few of you there ;P Oh, and the second layout here features more doodling from the infamous undies (see earlier post) ROFL ;P

Oooooooh, before I forget...congrats to Karen on her pregnancy!!!! WOOOOHOOOO girl....that's so fabulous and I am totally over the moon for you to finally have your second, much longed for pregnancy :oD YAY YAY YAY!!!!!

And check out this full-length music clip for Gwen's's so cool! Hadn't seen it before ;D Has she had her baby yet? Anyone know when she was due???

Well, that's all for now and I will catch up with you all later on in the week...promise!!!! :o) MWAH xoxoxo for now!!!


Blogger Chris Millar said...

Karen, thanks for sharing these, they're awesome! Love your style!

7:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Karen, I can't believe my eyes when I saw your second LO titled Lili. I just did a lo last night about Abby's new trike. Used BG and the same MOD checkered box pp with the flowers and 3 MOD epoxy dots on the right side on a chipboard circle!!! WOW! I swear I have not seen your lo till today. Told ya we are so much alike sometimes.LOL


9:34 PM  
Blogger Nicole Finlayson said...

Hey Karen, you know how much I loved your Max stuff but I just want to tell you again that they're awesome. I'm so glad you're on the team and honoured to share it with you. :D

AND I am in love with your My Girl layout. How beautiful is that? I didn't see Elsie's but I bet it's got a Karen spin on it. ;)

Nic xx

10:19 PM  
Blogger Peta said...

*slap* - just cause I think you need another one - ya know I love ya ROFLMAO!!! Silly girl!

I'm still love'n that Bec layout - man you are good and OMGOSH look at that new one!! WOW!!

Glad to see a post from you again - will email you black tonight {{HUG}}

12:35 PM  
Blogger Shazz said...

amazing los from an amazing lady karen. thanks so much for sharing your los here in your blog.
i love the trike one.....

hope things are ok with you

1:21 PM  
Blogger Linda said...

Love all your layouts Karen :)

I have read that Gwens baby is due in late May/early June :) Love that clip too, hadnt seen the full length version either. Thanks!!

5:51 AM  
Blogger Megan said...

OMG Karen!!! That top layout is breath taking!!! I love the others too, but the first one I haven't seen before.

Loving your style!

Megan xx

12:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Karen I have to confess, I saw your blog on Scrap to the Max, and just had to have a look. Wow !! your layouts are just amazing, you are so talente.

I use to see your stuff on Scrapboxx and love it, but it is really great you have a blog to pop onto and have a squiz. Thankyou for sharing, and congrats on you DT, you must be having a fantastic time with all the other girls in the team.


7:19 AM  

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