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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Look out for our Max Chick DT work!!!

Coming soon to an inbox near you LOL ;P I hope that you have all signed up at "Scrap To The Max" to receive the store'll be out next week, so Nic says. As you may know, we have been busy little bees creating lately and we can't wait for the newsletter to come out. So yes, all of my DT projects were finished on time (YAY YAY YAY!!!!) and you can all see what I and the rest of the Max Chick DT have been up to REAL soon, promise ;D

Well, having a S L O W weekend here, which is a nice change of pace actually. But we are missing our weekly Saturday night BBQ/movie/drinks/chat with our mates Dave and Bec...they are at Bec's Nana's 90th birthday party tonight. And last night was Mark's Mum's birthday, so we had tea with Mark's parents, sister Susan, and nephew Jesse. The kids LOVE Jesse...rolling around on the grass with him and having tickle-fests, chasing him around the yard, just doing silly kid stuff LOL ;P Tomorrow Mark, myself and the kids are off to the beach for lunch for a play and we're having fish and chips on the beach too. Lachie LOVES fish, especially whiting fillets, and he loves fishing too!!! He's such a finnicky eater so it's nice to see him scoffing down something her loves ;D Actually, we might even take the kids fishing yet...that sounds like a great idea too! And GO THE TIGERS!!!!!! Fab win on Friday night boys...kicked some St. George butt big-time ;P

Oh, before I forget, last night I saw "Wolf Creek" on DVD...have any of you seen it? It's a new Aussie film based loosely around Ivan Milat's backpacker murders, but set in outback WA. SUPER gory, and the scary thing about it is that there may actually be loonies out there like Mick, the serial killer in the Ivan Milat for instance. You know, people who have been "operating" for years and never been caught...and who knows how many people Ivan Milat really murdered? There's been so much speculation around that since his arrest...god I remember all of that like it was yesterday. I was living in Rockhampton on the residential college at uni, by myself in my little room, with no family around...just my friends. It freaked us all out no end. Anyway, watch it if you'll make you never want to go down a dirt track in the outback again though...freakishly real!!!

Last but not least, here's some more Rob Thomas for Megan, since I know she loves him so much and is missing him being on my blog ;P I have been thinking about you so much lately Megan, worrying about you...I hope things go well with Olivia this week...big {{{{HUGS}}}}. And {{{{HUGS}}}} to Nellie and Nic and Karen who have been feeling under the weather lately...get well soon girlies!!! Worried about you too :o) I know, I worry too much lol!

See you all soon girlies...and {{{{HUGS}}}} to anyone else out there who is ill in one way or another. I hope you all feel HEAPS better soon :o)

MWAH! xoxo


Blogger Peta said...

BOO!! hehe. Sorry got nothing to realy say I'm just siting here perv'n on Rob *mmmm* Glad I don't get pink stuck in my head today!!

8:28 AM  
Blogger Megan said...

Oh Karen, you are such a sweet soul. Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts, and for putting spunky old Rob back!!!

I am so pleased you had a relaxing weekend - I think you need it. Lets hope things can start calming down for you :-)

Megan xx

2:32 PM  
Blogger Moira said...

Can't wait for the newsletter!!! :)

3:08 PM  
Anonymous Julie LOVE said...

Hey I wanna see Wolf Creek...thanks for warning me about the *scaryness* of it...I LOVE scary movies LOL

Can't wait for the newsletter


5:29 PM  
Blogger Nicole Finlayson said...

Mmm........loving Rob Thomas - hubba hubba!!!

Yay newsletter will be out around tomorrow I think, I will check today. :)

9:16 AM  

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