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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I got music ;D and an update :o(

YAY!!!! Thought the place needed brightening up a bit...I've been contemplating adding music codes to my blog for a while now, and tonight I decided, why not? So here's a Matchbox 20 song that describes the Ridgeway Household at the moment...and it's one of our faves too ;D Don't worry, I promise the next song/video will be more upbeat :o)

Well, things are still crap, but we are managing and are doing a great job at laughing at the crappy things ;D

In short, Mark has developed a clot in his leg that was operated on...not a DVT, but a clot in his superficial saphenous vein (upper top of his thigh). Not life-threatening like DVT's are (THANK GOD!!! we were pretty stressed till we found out for sure), but he is in an awful lot of pain and can hardly walk. Hopefully the Diclofenac the dr prescribed him will help him feel better in a couple of days. He took the first one tonight and is sleeping well, so that's a good sign!

And, as expected, my OBGYN doesn't agree with me having a hysterectomy. He has put me on some HRT (yes, sounds wierd, I know!) which he thinks will help, but I have tried it and it made me feel soooooo sick. But, I will indulge him...he says that I am in no position at the moment to make any decisions about a hysterectomy due to the way my current episode is affecting my anxiety levels and that an OBGYNs goal is for me to reach 35 on other treatments before I have a hysterectomy. Well, there's NO WAY IN HELL that I am putting up with this crap for another five years, let me tell you!!!! Anyway, he wants me to think about it some more and come back in about 2-3mths and he'll reassess me and talk about it some more. So that's okay, I understand where he's coming from and he understands where I'm coming from, so I'll push a bit more next time I see him. After all, it's my quality of life that I think should be my top priority, not my fertility as I'm done having kids, and my age therefore should not affect his decision to do it or not...ya think????

And Lili is being a toad...sleeping too long at day care and not going to sleep until 10.30-11pm. Fed up...will be having another word to them tomorrow! Plus fights with Rebecca, our friend. She misunderstands things that are said and creates drama for us and her hubbie Dave...GRRRRRRR!!!! Dave will talk some sense into her though...he can usually get through to her.

Wel I am soooooo over these dramas!!! And you are all such fantastic cyber-friends to put up with it and to offer your support...thanks so very, very much girls...I'd be lost without you ;D But seroiusly, any more downer-posts from me and I swear, you can all shoot me lol!!!!

Busy week scrapping for me, so I should be feeling better tomorrow after a nice, long scrap lol ;P I have Karen's layout to finish, and my DT layouts for Scrap To The Max are due Friday. Lots to do! And I have been up waaaay too late tonight (this morning now lol) so I'm off to bed. Tomorrow's a better, brighter day, I'm sure!

Chat to you all later...hope all is well with everyone out there in blog-land :o)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Deary Karen,
Love the music video, I hope that Mark will feel beter soon say hello to him for are U I haven't see U at UNI. I've dropped at ur place yesterday (5pm)monday u were not home. Hope everything is ok with u and Beck. It would be really nice if we could catch up for lunch or for a chat. I miss you.
Take care Amiga,
your amiga

8:01 AM  
Blogger Megan said...

Hi Karen,

A few things...don't change the music - Rob is HOT and there is no ned for him to go lol!

I am so sorry to hear of all the trials you have been faced with. I can't imagine how you cope with being bright and bubbly for your children when all of this is going on around you - well done to you for your coping ability.

I hope Mark's clot clears up and that you get all your things sorted out with the gyno.

AND this is YOUR blog, and if you want to write about the hard times, don't feel you need to stop becuase of us!!

Megan xx

11:29 AM  
Anonymous Lou said...

Oh Karen you are having a crappy time :( Venting is what blogs are for - we dont mind listening!

12:27 PM  
Blogger Moira said...

Oh Karen, feel free to share any of your burdens with friends, that's why we check in here. Hope everything looks up for you soon. Can't wait to see your projects for STTM. x

3:51 PM  
Blogger Nicole Finlayson said...

Oh no Karen about your hubby and your obgyn -'s your body, you'd think it would be your choice....anyway...

Post what you want Karen, seriously, we're all here to support you. (But I hope you know that from me already.)

Keep going you strong woman and I can't wait to see what you do for our newsletter. And no my stuff isn't finished yet either. ;)

9:33 PM  
Anonymous Rach said...

Sooooo dont need to apologise Karen, blogs are therapy, write what you damn well please and everyone will still come check up on you.

So sorry the appoint. didnt go as you hoped I really hope the crappy phase you are in stops for your little family REALLY soon.

Looking forwad to seeing your stuff for the Max, REALLY looking forward to it.

10:40 AM  
Blogger Peta said...

- okay that it - I've got my keyboard in hand - now to just go book my tickets!!

LOVE YA BABE! - you know you can unload on me when ever you like!!

7:23 PM  

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