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Monday, February 20, 2006


What a busy stressful week!!!! Been preeeeety crazy here. I don't think my life is ever gonna slow down ROFL :oP

Mark has been so damn cranky with his knee as he hasn't been improving as quickly as he thought he would. Uh, hello Sweet, the dr and physio said it'd take 4-6mths to recover to 100%????? Well, didn't say it like that until I'd repeated it to him for the fifteenth time lol ;P GRRRRRR, why do men never listen to their wives? So I am sending him off to the physio tomorrow who can tell him again himself, then he might believe it ;P

I've also been helping our good friends Dave and Bec pack up their house. They are moving to Hervey Bay and it'll be great to not have to drive 20mins to see them any more. They'll be just down the road, which'll be nice. Mark and Dave have been best mates since they were toddlers...they grew up across the road from each other and went to the same school too. So proud of them that after all they have been through together they are still best mates, after 31yrs :o)

Bec and I have also been trying to help out Bec's sister Nadine. Her husband walked out on her last Thursday and she has three little boys (6, 3, and 1). We've been helping out with her housework and with babysitting the boys, and Mark and I had them all over here for tea on Friday and Saturday nights. The kids had a good play with our two! They play so well together, and Lili absolutely adores Caleb the baby!!! I think she's going to be a real little mother like I was when I was little :o) Anyway, it's been such a reality check for me to have five kids in the house, all under 6...makes me appreciate only having two lol! But Nadine has felt so much better for our help, so that's fabulous :o)

I've still been sick too...bleeding's still going :o( Gotta stop much can one woman bleed, seriously? It's been 7wks now!!! I also got a urinary tract infection and thrush from the antibiotics I took for it, and I have a cold. YAY me!!!! When I get sick, I get sick ROFL!!! I am feeling better now though...not 100%, but better :o)

And here's some pics for you that I promised over a WEEK ago LOL!!!!! Bad blogger, I know!

The canvas that I did for my last class at my and my Nana. I used my Scrapboxx canvas layout as a template for the design. PP and accents are from the new K&Co Neopolital range by Brenda Walton. LOTS of jewels and doodling here!

Here's the cover of my circle journal that I've been doing lately. We've just started our first round...and it's my first ever cj too! Mine is very Elsie-inspired lol ;P Here's the title page too...I scrap-lifted the heart design from Elsie. Yep she's still a huge inspiration to me...check her out at 2Peas and in CK this month. ROCKIN' as always!!!

Last's my *barely* 4 year-old boy riding my brother Brad's old BMX with NO training wheels at my Dad's place (this bike is doing damn well being 24 years old too!). I am so proud of him!!! And MAN can this boy RIDE!!!!!!!! He doesn't believe in brakes ROFL...hmmm, just like his Uncle and Daddy! I just hope that they don't get him into motorbikes...OMG, who am I kidding? The kid loves 'em's a wonder his first word wasn't "motorbike"!!!! Stuff what Mummy says, hey boys? This kid of ours is going to be a speed freak too LOL ;D

Well, thanks for reading everyone and I hope to be able to show off Lou's layout soon! Yes, I am *still* working on ;P Nevermind, I'll get there!


Blogger Peta said...

LOL lovely to see you back missy - you have been very well missed!!! :)

Love the layouts - and the CJ - PERFECT wish I was in your group so I could have a look at it!!! LOL! Although I would proabley be shit scared to put anything in it ROFLMAO!!!! :P

You cracked me up with the bike thing! Yeap stuff mum LOL - he looks to comfortable on that bike!! - very natural. [and omg that bike is nearly as old as I am!! ROFLMAO]

Now I wish I had of studied some form of medicen [ventanary studies included ;) hehe] at uni instead of being some art student rofl - hey you have studied nuresing - sureyly you can operate on yourself - really it can't be that hard can it??? I once disected a toad in year 10 sience...

Ya know I hope that all gets fixed sooon - I don't care how many doctors we have to beat up to get it done neither!! *hands on hips* ;)

... ohh and slap Mark over the head for me - damn men!!! [hope mr cranky pants is feeling much better soon and doesn't push himself to much and make the recovery time even longer - oy mister - slow and steady wins the race - K!]


ohh and PS. Just recently found out that I have relitives living up there in Harvey Bay - if you ever run into anyone with the same last name as me - run!! ROFLMAO!!

1:52 AM  
Blogger Peta said...

hey - I didn't write very much did I...

anyone would think I had a lot to say....



Don't ever leave me again *cry*

1:53 AM  
Anonymous Julie LOVE said...

Hey Karen....sorry to hear that you are still not 100% but OMGosh how divine does that CJ look (can't wait to get my hot little hands on it) and what a STUNNING canvas of you and your nanna!!!


1:11 PM  
Blogger Moira said...

Great CJ Karen - love your work! So glad to see you blogging again!!! Take care. :)

3:54 PM  
Blogger Megan said...

OMG Karen - I had no idea of all the things you have been going through. I am sorry to hear you have been sooooo incredibly busy, and it's all pretty stressful stuff too.

I hope things settle down for you really soon.

Megan xx

10:20 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

You cetainly have been busy and under some stress! I hope things settle down for you soon!!!
WOW...what an absolutely gorgeous CJ and canvas...YUMMMMO!!!!
Look at him all big on that bike! What a little champ!
I hope you get your period sorted...thats terrible bleeding that long! if that wasnt enough you have a list of things happening to your body! I feel for you lots!!!
I hope all gets better soon for you darl!
Take care

8:29 PM  
Blogger Mel Diener said... kids said motorbike at a very young age and they are girls OMG!!!!!

I LOVE your canvas Karen..stunning.

Sorry to hear things are still not 100% with you, hope you are back to your old self soon.

8:49 AM  
Anonymous mel goodsell said...

Hi Karen,

Hope you're back on track soon :O)
Wow, wow wow your layouts and bits and bobs are seriously divine!!

11:38 AM  

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