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Monday, January 09, 2006

My Hair Saga (lol ;P)

See this photo? It's me at age 15...DEFINITELY so not an average teenager, but that's for another blog entry ;D Anyway, for my entire childhood, my Mum made me have short hair as she despised having to try to look after thick, blonde, wavy hair. Yep - my hair was officially my Mum's WORST nightmare (a legacy of my Nana's - Dad's mum - typical German hair lol ;P) - and it was also mine as I so wanted to have the beautiful long hair that all of the other girls in school had. They used to tease me and said I looked like a boy (my nickname was "boy/girl" - how awful!!!!)

So, at age 15, right after this photo was taken, I decided to grow my hair as long as I possibly could, and I did! And by the time I was 18, it reached my waist!!! Oh, how I adored to have such a swathe of long golden locks, and instead of everyone teasing me at uni, it drew comments about how gorgeous it was! So I kept it long, and it has been long ever since...never shorter than mid-back (bra length, I call it hehehe ;P). In fact, Mark said that my hair was the thing that first attracted him to me. Here's a pic of my hair as it is a-la-naturale (but add two inches on to the length since this pic was taken)...

But right now I am sooooo beyond sick of my long hair. I have been wearing it in the same style for over ten years and it is so long and thick that I cannot wear it in an up-do without getting a mega hair-headache!!! It's worn in one of three styles constantly at the moment and it is even so long that I can't wear it down anymore as it is my eyes, sticking to my sweaty skin in this heat...and I am beginning to not like it anymore.

So tomorrow is a HUGE day for me. I am off to the hairdresser for a cut and some foils...YAY YAY YAY!!!! Now I have serious trust issues with hairdressers at the best of times, and this is an entirely NEW salon that I am going to, so this is scary for me...really you have no idea how scary!!! And it is daunting to let go of my long hair and try something new after so long. But though I am sure I will hate it to start with, it WILL grow on me (pardon the pun!) as I find how many more things I can do with shoulder-length hair as opposed to waist-length hair lol ;P

Tell me I am doing the right thing everyone? I know Nicole will not be impressed though as she loved my hair in my Scrapboxx newsletter pic so much (hi Nic! I am sorry - please don't hate me lol!!!!) but it just has to go. New decade, new look!Will post a pic of my new do when I am ready everyone hehehehehe...WISH ME LUCK!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and I can feel a SERIOUS mega-layout coming on... ;P


Blogger Peta said...

Awww good luck tomorrow hun -and if it goes badley well scrap a hat for you to wear [not that i think it will go badley mind you!!!] I'm sure you're going to look supper stylish and glamourus with your new do - can't wait to see the photos!!


1:17 AM  
Anonymous Karen said...

OMG Karen... I have always looked at your hair in your LO's!!! Its gorgeous! I also have really long blonde hair, and as you I have had it the same for YEARS!!! I soo want it cut and styled, I soo need it different to the same old me!
I am sooo excited for you and cant wait to see the new you!!!
GO get em Karen... you will look stunning with a new hair do!

1:56 AM  
Blogger Karen Ridgeway said...

Thanks girls...might just chicken out yet though lol ;P

2:06 AM  
Blogger Shazz said...

i know where you are coming from karen - i had my "bum-length" hair cut to my shoulders when i was 27 and i sat in the chair and cried and cried and cried.
the poor hairdresser was crying right along with me.
but i love my short "do" now and could never go back to having long hair again.
good luck to you.

shazz xo

3:56 AM  
Anonymous Julie LOVE said...

Go for it Karen!!! your hair will look gorgeous I know it will (well it already does but you know what I mean )


7:30 AM  
Blogger Linda said...

I agree with Julie! Go for it :)

cant wait to see the 'new' you!!

2:12 PM  
Blogger Nicole Finlayson said...

Oh Karen, I'm busy for a few days, don't check the blogs and I come back to THIS!!!!!!

But you know I love it and it was the best choice ever!!!

4:50 PM  

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