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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I've been super busy...

...scrapping this week! Here's a boyish version of the layout I did for Kim's online class last week. I'm working on one of Mark in a landscape format of the same too. I just loved the layout so much that I HAD to create three lol ;P

Lachie is such a night owl, just like his Mummy (hehe ;D), and he'll often get up in the middle of the night and wander out to me to see what I'm up to. He's always up for a chat and some late-night tv (or a play on the lounge chair!) before I hunt him back to bed with a BIG cuddle! So that's what this layout is all about!! I used Chatterbox pp and sanded everything HEAPS...I also made my own letter "o" in the "so" and "you" using the negative of the letters from my Heidi Swapp chipboard alphas and rounded off one of the corners to match the rest of the layout. And no KI here either lol!!! But Mark's layout is entirely KI so at least that's made up for its absence on my other layouts lately hehehe ;P!!!!

Tonight Lachie has been terrible with not wanting to go to bed, so of course Lili has been playing up too...naughty kids! We had FINALLY conquered the bedtime naughties, but they have been so terrible this past week!!! Maybe they know Mummy's been feeling upset...very perceptive is my boy especially and he'll always pick up on it. He hasn't said anything yet - won't be long I guess - but he has been extra cuddly towards me.

I have been feeling very, very sad's 2 years on the 20th January since my beloved Nana died (my Dad's Mum). She was my entire life and I was so attached to her that I'd cry each time I left her, even as an adult (silly, I know, but I hated leaving her). I'd dreaded her death since I was old enough to know what death meant, and her passing devastated me even though it was expected. I scrapped a canvas of her and I together this week (will post a pic later) to have as a nice reminder of us and our friendship and how much I miss her.

Catch you all when I am feeling a little better :o)


Blogger Sallyd said...

Wow Karen...your work is wonderful. Julie Love told me to check you out when i caught up with her recently. Hope you feel better real soon

11:15 PM  
Blogger Karen Ridgeway said...

Thanks Sally!!! I ADORE Julie and her work...thanks so much for checking out my work :D

And thank you for the well-wishes...I'll be okay soon.

Luv Karen xoxo

1:03 AM  
Blogger Peta said...

Hey Beautiful - you know my emails only a click away - use it :P

Sending you a few hugs via Lachie!! - next one's from me!!

10:25 AM  

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