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Monday, January 09, 2006

Bitchiness... never fails to surprise me, scare me, anger me, and sadden me. I am a pretty peaceful person, and there are not many things in life that I can say that I really hate (apart from peas - yuk!!! lol ;P), but bitchiness is something that I truly and utterly despise. I am honestly floored by some of the snide remarks that have been going on in the scrapping world lately, and I wish it would stop!

I have always lived by the mantra that it is so much easier to be polite and nice than it is to be nasty and that if you don't have something nice to say, then don't say it at all. Everyone is different and not everyone will like your work, no matter what you do, so please ladies, if you don't like the way some scrappers are doing things at the moment, then keep it to yourselves. No one needs to feel down about themselves or their work...scrapping is a wonderfully personal hobby that so many of us adore, so please, don't spoil it for everyone. Dislike someone or someone's work if you like, for whatever reason, but please keep any nasty remarks private.

So as a parting remark, I will add this...follow the trends if you like girls, or don't - scrap whatever or however you choose!!!! If you want to scrap that way, then just do it!!!! And don't give a crap about what ANYONE else thinks!!!! If YOU love it, then that's the most important really doesn't matter who else does. Scrap for YOU and because YOU love it!!!! And please everyone, leave the hatefulness alone and be kind to each other...there's enough hate in the world at the moment and we don't need it in scrapping!!!! :D

(And 'scuse my very scary close-up all, but the expression is really applicable don't you think? I know, I am a dag lol :D :D :D)


Blogger Ali :-) said...

Amen to all of that Karen!!! Perfectly said!

Ali :)

10:42 PM  
Anonymous Jaimie said...

*hear hear*

10:56 PM  
Blogger Peta said...

Well said hun!!! - Love the photo gave me a giggle.

I don't really know what has been said - picked up a few bits here and there today and it all sounds nasty :(


1:05 AM  
Anonymous Karen said...

Ditto Karen. I cant believe how catty and bitchy some women are getting... and so much for the forums being friendly!
Steer clear of the bitchyness and us un-bitchy women shall be fine!
It is sad though...very sad!

1:58 AM  
Blogger Shazz said...

yup.....time to move on with life and living karen.
well said (although i don't really understand it all either)

3:58 AM  

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