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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I've been tagged... Julie Love :D Julie is one of my all-time fave scrappers - I've been admiring her work from the minute I saw it in the first edition of SM that I'd ever bought - and she ever-so-kindly emailed me a piccie of her (here with her son Josh) for me to add to my post. So HI JULIE!!!! Thanks for tagging me - this has been fun - I'll have to scrap these answers when I have time (something I'm forever short of lately ;P) It's a Christmassy-style's my answers everybody :D

1.Do you decorate your house this time of year? if so… how? ( a photo or description. )

We add a string of lights to the outside of the house and have a couple of light-up santas and reindeers in the windows for the kids. I also bought the kids a couple of little wooden signs to stake into the ground so that Santa knows where to find them at our new house ;P We have the tree up and decorated too...a little later than normal this year though with the big move. Not much else up this year though due to the time factor.

2. Have you ever been in a decoration competition?

No - maybe one day just for the fun of it ;D

3. How much is toooo much?

I don't like too much tizzy stuff around my house...HATE tinsel as it makes such a mess!!! But I do load the Christmas tree up with decorations and bead chains, and I can't get enough of the Christmas lights - you can NEVER have too many of them, or too many decorations in the shops LOL ;D

4. How do you celebrate this time of year?

Up until now I've always started off celebrating Christmas on Christmas Eve with watching the Christmas Carols on telly while I slowly get ready for our midnight service at my local Anglican church, and I always go with my Auntie Ruthie...she and my Nana (they are Dad's sister and mum) always took me to church. I have been going to that big old church with its antique stained glass windows and pews and altar since I was a baby - I was christened there, confirmed there, married there - and I am really going to miss it this year. So this year we are taking the kids to the 7pm family service at the Anglican church here in Hervey Bay...they should really enjoy it :D Then it's home to watch the Carols on telly with the kids and help them put out their Santa sacks and a snack for Santa...I can't wait!

Christmas morning starts with the kids waking us up shouting "Look what I got!" (well, only Lachie in the past, but Lili will be yelling it too this year as she has become more proficient with her vocabulary hehe!). Then we look at the kids presents with them and help them open them, watch them play for a while, then we all open our presents from each other. Brekky's not usually much as the kids are too busy playing and we have always had to dash off to one of the three grandparents' places to start the round of visits, but this year we are not doing the travelling thing. We want the kids to have a relaxing day, not a hurried one, and to be able to play with their new presents. So my Dad and his partner are coming here for morning tea, then it's off to Mum's for lunch and a big pool party (YAY!!!!!) 'cos it's so hot here, then our friends Dave and Bec are coming for a casual bbq tea. Then we all fall into bed absolutely knackered!

The day never ends there though...I have two days of Christmas LOL!!! Boxing Day is my birthday, so I wake up to a second round of hugs and kisses and presents for the second day in a row ;D Then we have another day of swimming at the beach with a picnic or bbq lunch, lots of phone calls or visits from people, then we go out for tea with Mum and my brother somewhere that has prawns on the menu (I LOVE prawns!!!!). This year, because it's my 30th birthday, the whole family is going out to tea at the Marina fave restaurant is there and it's right on the water, and they have a seafood buffet!!!! YUMMO!!!!! Can't wait for all of the Chrissy partying to start!!!!

5. Who’s job is it to wrap all the Christmas gifts? Will you (or whoever) use gift bags, or wrapping paper?

Hehehe mine LOL!!! Mark is not very good at wrapping presents - even he admits it - so he lets me do it, and he either gets mine gift-wrapped at the store or buys a gift bag ROFL :D I am taking the kids shopping tomorrow though and we are going to buy a present from them for Daddy, so they'll wrap that (with Mummy's help ;D) We use mostly wrapping paper, but gift bags for some things like bottles of wine.

6. What do you dislike most about the holiday season?

Family fights. I hate going to my Nana's (Mum's mum) on Christmas Day to visit as my cousins are always there and they ALWAYS end up fighting with each other or their parents or someone...really ruins it. And I also don't like having separated parents at this time of year. It always means that someone has to miss out on having a meal with us on Christmas Day. That can often put noses out of joint, too. Fights are just not what Christmas is all about!!!!!

Another thing that I don't like is Mum having to work on Christmas Day or my birthday. She's a nurse and for the last few years running she's had to work. It realy ruins the day for her, especially if there's a fatality or lots of injuries through the Emergency Department or something like that. She's the nurse manager, so she is in charge of all staff for the entire hospital when she's on duty, and Christmas means lots of staff calling in sick, so that stresses her out too 'cos she has to try and replace those staff members. She hates having to call in others to cover them and ruining their Christmas plans, and trying to juggle the other staff around to cover all of the patients! So she always comes home from work feeling down and incredibly tired at Christmas...this year will be nice for her as she has two weeks off (YAY!!!!) so we'll have a relaxed and happy Mum for Christmas :D

7. What are your top 3 fav Xmas songs?

O Come All Ye Faithful (I love to sing it loud and to hear everyone else sing it loud at church - it sounds glorious echoing through the church, especially the chorus!)

Away in a Manger (it reminds me of all of the children in heaven at this time of year, especially of my Kiara - Lachie's twin who we lost during the pregnancy - and of children around the world in need)

Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer (because the kids love to sing it so much LOL)

8. Real tree or fake?

Definitely fake - the real ones smell nice, but they don't look pretty for half as long as a fake tree ;P

Miss Nicole Finlayson, you're tagged next ;P Can't wait to read your answers!!!!!

And thanks for the comments on my work truly does mean so much more to me than you'll ever know!!!!! :D :D :D


Anonymous Julie Love said...

LOVED reading your answers Karen :0) and thanks for your lovely comments about my work (what a sweetie you are!!!)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Boxing Day!!! my Niece Lauren shares your birthday too.


4:56 AM  
Blogger Nicole Finlayson said...

Happy Birthday Karen!!!!!!!!!!!
Loved your answers and................thanks for the tag :D

Watch my blog for my answers real soon. ;)

Oh and PS - I hate having divorced parents at Christmas too. It's always a juggle to work out who goes where and with whom and guess what else? My Mum usually works Xmas too. ;)

9:56 AM  

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