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Friday, November 18, 2005

So NOT having a good week..

...for a number of reasons, all listed in order of occurrence. So here goes, the BIG whinge!!! *sigh* but I need to get it out so that I can feel better. And I do not intend to offend anyone. It's simply my blog, my opinions, my shitty week. So sorry everyone for being grumpy :(

Whinge no.1 - my periods SUCK...BIG TIME!!! So much so that I am seriously considering having a hysterectomy. I am booked in to see my Gynaecologist in Brissie next week and we are meant to be discussing my upcoming surgery for Endometrial Ablation, but I am now thinking "Stuff it, I just want it to STOP for GOOD!!!!!!!!" To cut a loooong story short, I have a period every two weeks, the blood gushes and I have big clots (sorry too much info!), and none of the standard pain killers work on the pain anymore...not even Nurofen Plus. I need some Tramal but the doc won't prescribe it - bugger 'em!!! How many times do I have to go there in agony and ask for some pain releif? No Ponstan doesn't work you many times do I have to tell you?????? Anyhow, I don't like my chances of my gynae doc saying "Yep ok, we'll do a probs if that's what you really want". Geez, I had a full-on fight with her over me wanting an Endometrial Ablation over more bloody hormones which do not help my Depression at all...and she's a WOMAN for God's sake so you'd think she'd understand???? Nope. Anyway, I guess I'll just have to be content with having the lining burnt away from the inside of my uterus for now and hope to hell that it works...but you can guarantee that we'll be having another fight 'cos I will be pushing the Hysterectomy issue. It's my body, it's my choice...we want no more kids, no more hormones, no more bleeding, no more Depression...and a Hysterectomy is my only guaranteed method of acheiving all of these. Major surgery? Phoey if you compare it to the pain and bleeding and SUFFERING I've experienced over the years. So this leaves me as I am today - anaemic thus so fatigued it's not funny, taking four oestrogen tablets a day to TRY and stop the bleeding, on Implanon which is doing more harm than good, and hormonal, cranky and teary. I am just grateful for one Mum had the same problems, had a Hysterectomy by her 31st birthday, and ALWAYS told me not to waste my time having kids...and I THANK GOD every day that I listened to her and that nagging voice that told me not to wait.........

Whinge no.2...Lili has bloody school sores (Impetigo)!!!!! So thanks, Daycare, for letting the parents whose child had school sores send their child even though they are medically not allowed to return until the sores had healed as it is so contagious. So now my poor little girl is on oral antibiotics, is infested with these horrible sores, is itchy and is in pain, and can't go to Daycare and play with her friends and big brother. Oh well, I guess we won't be paying that extra $100 off our Daycare bill 'cos we spent it on the doc's bill and creams and antibiotics and dressings and special Pooh-Bear band-aids to make my poor little mite feel a tad bit better and so that she can look at Tigger or Piglet or Pooh and smile instead of looking at disguisting pussy wheals...what a shame for them! Oh, and did I forget to mention that we still have to pay for Lili's Daycare even though she won't be there for ten days????? Yep, I am one PISSED OFF MOTHER!!!!

Whinge no.3...well, not really a Daddy has had an enlarged prostate for a year and it's been getting worse. More blood tests for him today to see if it's progressed to cancer. I'm scared...he can't die like that...he's supposed to live till he's 85 and spend his final years tinkering with his cars and playing with his great-grandkids. He's only 57...he's not ready to go yet. Really alarmed and frightened and sad thinking about it, so I'm trying to keep myself busy doing other things. Note I said "trying".

Whinge Mum has been working too much! She's so tired and I miss her!!!!!!

Whinge no.5...internet providers have had me offline a lot this week. I'm back now (obviously), but geez did I miss the net more than I thought I ever would!

Whinge no.6...I'm scrapping heaps but I can't share, not allowed :( But you'll see what I've been up to soon enough hehehe ;P (Trust me it's not that big in the scheme of other scrappers' big surprises, but in my own mind it's a HUGE deal ;P!!!)

Whinge no.7...Drama queen of a so-called friend! I can never do anything right by them, and I am SOOOOO SICK OF IT!!! I need a break for a while. (Not from you're my saviour :D u know who it is ;I)

Whinge no.8...people wanting to pay pittance for our house!!! Yes, the drama's still going. You should have heard today's offer *blowing rasperries*...makes me mad but not wasting my time on this one.

Whinge no.9...FED UP with washing every day and mowing two acres of grass every weekend just to impress people who want to pay pittance for our house!!!!!

Whinge no.10...gosh, I've whinged a lot, hey? Oh well...I never let if get to me like this anymore and I feel heaps better now it's out!

Hopefully next week is HAS to be 'cos Scrapboxx is back online!!!! HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!! I missed you Maria and everyone else :D :D :D Now we might get to chat a bit more, hey?

Promise my next post will not be'll be bright and happy and upbeat and colourful!!!! :D ;P :OD..........PROMISE!!!!!!!!

*super cheeky grin*


Blogger Nicole Finlayson said...

Oh Karen, you poor thing!!

It must be something in the air atm. And no wonder with the physical problems you are having. It's so not fair. And if you're sure you don't want any more kids then it's your body and your choice. Gee it must be so frustrating..........

I am thinking of you and I hope you have some happy stuff happen today. :)

7:46 AM  
Blogger Shazz said...

Just to let you know Karen - I had an ablation done about three years ago after 6 years of VERY pianful periods and "flooding" (too much info from me too I am sorry) that saw me housebound for days on end each mth. It was the best thing I ever did. My periods last 2 days, if that, no more flodding and NO MORE PAIN.
Chin up, don't forget to breathe and don't forget to smile.
If you think you have hit rock bottom, the only way is up.
Hope you have a better week next week

4:09 PM  
Blogger Peta said...

{{HUG}} Babe!!! What a shit load of crap to go through!!!

Now ... most important of all..


I don't care if it's only for a quick coffe.. you don't think I'm going to let you come down here with out insisting that *maybe* we could meet up do you :P

4:51 PM  
Blogger Linda said...

Hi Karen! OMGOSH.. you poor thing..that all sounds so terrible :( My mum had an ablation, and it has help her sooo much! Hope all goes well with it all.

And I know what you are going thru with your house! What a nightmare... we had our house on the market for just over 4 months. I hated having everything just 'right' incase people wanted to come and inspect our house... then when they did, the offer they put in was like $40K under what was rude huh?? But after all the stress and worry, we got the offer we wanted...I know its hard to wait tho.
Oh, and just checked the Boxx...LOL.. yeah still down!?!?
PS - thanks for popping by my blog :)

6:27 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

Oh Karen, that all sounds positively awful and I dont know how you got through this last week! Hey keep your chin up (but whinge all you like!!!!)

Hey I had the implanon and I got depression on it and had constant spotting - they took it out and fair dinkum I was back to my old self in like 3 days!!!

Dont you just HATE childcare!!!! It sucks that you have to pay when the virus was picked up from there! It used to annoy me seeing kids with big green boogers there!

Anyway, take care and I hope everything works out!!!! And I cant wait to see/hear about your big scrapping thing thats going on!!!!!

2:33 PM  

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