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Sunday, November 06, 2005


As promised, here's a scan of Anna's birthday present! I am really pleased with how it turned out :D I am going to scrap one for myself, a nice start for my "Family" album that I have been intending on scrapping. Thanks to Elsie Flannigan for the inspiration :D

There's a bit of controversy surrounding it right to copy someone else's work? I think it's totally okay, as long as the really similar pages are not intended for submission to a mag, and if any pages that are published which have a clearly scraplifted element on them are credited to the original artist. It's a hoodoo area, though. Ultimately, all scrapping ideas are based on a reinterpretation of another's, so where is the line drawn???? Who knows, but if Creating Keepsakes says it's great to scraplift, then it MUST be okay! And I won't ever let anyone make me feel bad if I use a lifted idea on a layout again!!! BTW, I am looooving CK this year! But then I've loved it since I started scrapping last year :P It's definitely my fave scrapping mag!!! :D :D :D

So off you go, everyone - feel free to scraplift! Just remember to credit your ideas :) And check out CK's "Scraplift!" article (Emily Magelby, p.103, November 2005 edition)'s full of tips! Oh, and CK don't pay me to say that they're great lol :D I just love the mag :D :P :D


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous JULIE LOVE said...

Lovin your work Karen....very all the colour!! so happy and bright

5:30 AM  
Blogger Brooke said...

Beautiful as usual K! xoxo

5:37 AM  
Anonymous Nicole F said...

Oooo Karen, that layout is DIVINE!!!

I love your handwriting, and your bright colours. Yes I can see the Elsie influence but you've definately made it your own. :)

6:20 PM  
Blogger Karen Ridgeway said...

Thanks girls - glad you like it :D And thanks for finding my blog and leaving a little comment for me!!!

Luv Karen xoxo

9:56 PM  
Blogger Linda said...

Hi Karen!! I found your blog :)

Love your take on Elsie's layout...gorgeous!!

6:26 AM  
Blogger Peta said...

Ohh Karen I love what you do!!! - and who cares where the idea came from really???

Do you know it's an HONNOUR to be scraplifted in the digi world .. not only that.. they have SCRAPLIFTING comps on nearly every digital forum I know - I'm even this months scraplift this scrappers layout on DSW... SCARY ROFL

7:23 PM  
Blogger Karen Ridgeway said...

Thanks for finding me everyone :)

Wow Peta - I DIDN'T know that!!! Well, there you go! And congrats on being this month's "scraplift this scrapper's layout" on DSW...too cool!!!!

I know that I feel TOTALLY complimented when anyone scraplifts my work - it's a real buzz :D

10:35 PM  

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