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Saturday, November 05, 2005


Let's hope so!!! We have two groups of people coming to look at the house on Saturday....and neither of them have to sell their place before buying another, so that's a great start! OMG would it be fab to be living by the beach in time for Christmas....gotta try not to get my hopes up toooo much! But hey, a girl can dream, right :D

Having a late night tonight doing a layout for my cousin Anna's 21st birthday on Sunday....she has no baby photos of herself so I thought I'd scrap her one that I have and frame it to make a special pressie for her. I'm also her God-mother....I was eight when she was christened!

I've been reminiscing over the photos of me holding her at her christening....I was one PROUD little missy to have a God-daughter :D I've always tried my hardest to look out for Anna, even as a child - I knew what being a God-mother was all about hehe!!! I'd mother her, trot off to the beach with her under my arm and splash in the waves and build sandcastles, play Barbies with her, pick her up from school when I got my licence, stay at my Nana's (she had custody of my cousins) on school holidays and take her to the movies and shopping, and always try to teach her right from wrong. Unfortunately, no matter how hard any of us tried, she fell in with the wrong kids at school. Now she is 21 and has a newborn baby daughter who is the result of her prostitution and has a drug problem. She also has a 3.5yr old son. And she was a victim of domestic abuse at the hands of her son's father. I am not making any excuses for her, and I wish her short life would have been easier for her. But I love her just as much as ever. I can only pray that she finds some stability in her life now that she has a new baby and rediscovers her responsibilities. She knows that I'm here if she needs me. Anna, love you always... you'll forever be my little God-child :D xoxo

P.S. I'll post the layout tomorrow, hopefully! It's an Elsie scrap-lift, too cute and funky to resist scrapping it for Anna! Elsie is still inspiring me heaps with my scrapping, as are some of the other Garden Girls :D And Shannon Tidwell's DT stuff at is sooooo awesome!!!!!! And so is Heidi Swapp with her hand-writing.....OMG too many inspirations to mention :D :D :D


Blogger Nicole Finlayson said...

Hey Karen,

Sorry to read about your god-daughter. What a hard path she's on...

Lucky for her she has you to fall back on and to remind her that life really is worth living.....

Take care,


7:23 PM  
Blogger Peta said...

wow Karen what a road Anna has had to walk on - she's lucky she has such an understanding and supportive God mother as you. I too hope she finds some stability in her life and that her next 21 years a filled with happy and joyful moments {{HUG}}

She is so going to love that layout you did for her it is so stunning :)

7:28 PM  

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