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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Baby Kiah!

I am really happy today :D Had a fantastic day yesterday...

"Scrap and Yap" (crop @ my LSS) with Mum in the morning was fab and I got HEAPS done on one of my projects (can't show or tell yet - will post it as soon as I am allowed - hehe)!!! YAY!!!!! Then I had lunch with my Nana and she took me to visit Anna and her new baby Kiah...that's Kiah in the pikki above. She's only one month old but WOW has Kiah got some HAIR!!!!! She's such a little sweetie...she lay in my arms asleep for an hour, not a peep out of her :D Oh, and you pronounce the "i" in "Kiah" as "eye" (say: K-eye-ah) iykwim!

I was so impressed with Anna. She had Kiah all dressed up for me in a pretty dress complete with a bow in her hair and her new bracelet that was a special pressie from her Mummy :D How cute!!! And to talk to her was like talking to the old Anna, before all of the drugs and stuff. Nan and my Auntie had told me she was off them and I am so thrilled to see and hear it for myself :D :D :D I am soooooo PROUD of Anna for getting it together and for loving her little kids the way she does....I came away from this special time with her with a grin from ear to ear :D :D :D The old boyfriend is hanging around though, so that is a bit scary. I really hope that she will see through him....Nan is very worried for her, and so are Anna's brothers. At least she has all of us on her side and knows that we are there for her if she needs us.

And I had a great time catching up with my Nana! I hadn't seen her for ages and we chatted all afternoon, just catching up on each other's lives. I used to visit her a lot when I was going to uni at Hervey Bay, so at least when we move there I'll see her more and we can get back to old times, sewing kids' clothes and chatting :D I miss that....

SPEAKING of moving, the people that looked at the house on Sat. offered us $175000...and we have it listed for $235000!!!! How RUDE!!!!!!!! The agent didn't even want to tell us what they offered - he was thoroughly disguisted in them wasting everyone's time, and so were we....he actually gave them a serve! Oh well, better luck next time....our agent sent them off to re-think their offer and will contact them on Thursday again to see what there new offer is. So we still have our fingers, toes, and everything else crossed xxxxxxxxx !!!!! Hope it sells this time!!


Blogger Nicole Finlayson said...

Wow Karen, what an angel baby!!! Gorgeous photos and that lovely hair!! She looks just like my Madeleine did at that age and she has beautiful long hair now.............

She's just adorable, almost makes me clucky!!!

And how rude are those people wanting your house??? They don't deserve it!

Kiah is a beautiful name. We have a park around the corner from our home called Kiah Park! it's a gorgeous place, must be the name...............

And I can't WAIT to see what you were doing at your lss. I'm intrigued now........

8:33 PM  
Anonymous JULIE LOVE said...

What a cutie patootie she is!!!! and OMG at that ridiculous offer on your house...good things come to those who wait....I reckon the sale is just around the corner :0)


1:17 PM  
Blogger Peta said...

ohh what are you up to missy - I'm sure it's BRILLIANT! - and keeping you up till five in the morning!! :o

Lovely photo of Kiah!! - I'm chatting bug off you stupid man vibes at the computer screen to btw! Glad you had a such a great visit with your Nana and Anna! :)

and on the house stuff .. well *smack* for them. How rude!!

{{HuG}} - Hope the next time I read this there is a post saying you found a buyer and it's all 'done' :)

3:39 PM  

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