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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Happier :)

Lots going on on the scrapbooking front...I am teaching my first class at my LSS this Friday night. Scary and exciting at the same time! I'm a bit bummed that I have only four people in my class thus far though. Hope the numbers pick up in the future. So, my mojo is back (AT LAST) and I am off and scrapping!!! Probably why I am feeling happier - scrapbooking truly is my saviour :)

Yes, still trying to sell the house. We wish it would hurry up and sell so that we can move to the beach. Mid-thirty temps have been predicted here for later in the week and I am wishing that the beach was just 5mins away instead of half an hour!!! Oh well, I'll be off for a swim at the pool instead. I'm going to try to swim three to four times a week and do weights too. I REALLY need to drop some kgs and I LOVE the pool and weights. I feel very unfit and blah at the moment.

Well, bus-i-ness all round here...sick kids, my hubbie Mark needs a CT scan to investigate the cause of his migraines, I've had the flu and need surgery to treat my heavy periods, unexpected family visitors, a new baby in the family, trying to spend more time with my mum and my much-cherished friends...have you noticed how hard it can be to love everyone equally sometimes? All we can do is try though, and always remember to appreciate our time with them and to love them for who they are.

But despite everything, I really am loving being alive at the moment.

And that is a HUGE HUGE deal for me :)


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