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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Sooooo busy! And Happy Birthday Lili :)

Wow, the last week as been really frantic! Let me fill you in...

On the 29th August, my "baby" turned two years old...where has the time gone? She's growing up way too fast!!! Anyway, lots of partying went on over a number of days and she's all partied out, poor little thing! I think she's feeling a bit like I feel at the moment :) That's her in the photo I added above. Isn't she cute?

I got my Masters entry back :( Oh well. One of my items from my entry is going to be published (YAY!!!!!) so I am stoked about that at least :) I know that my stuff is not really what the mags here in Australia are looking for at the moment and I have made peace with that. But I'll just keep submitting and entering my work in competitions and maybe they'll like it. The main thing is that I LIKE IT, and I do, so that's the most important thing. I do have some plans up my sleeve for the future...hush hush for now, though!!!! ;)

Dramas on the selling the house thing, too. The lady who has the contract on our place has to sell her house before she can buy hers - and she has 30 days to do so. Let's just say we aren't counting our chickens!!! So, we'll keep marketing our property and hope that it sells - be it to her or someone else, it doesn't matter. We are all very ready for a fresh start, for life near the beach, for a new house, for all of the new things yet to come in our lives. And we can't wait!!!

And one last thing...we're ringing the bank tomorrow to apply to access some of the equity in our home loan. We only decided this tonight, but we've been wanting to do something for a long time now and we were going to wait til we sell the house, but can't see why we shouldn't try for it now. We want to buy a 4WD and a camper trailer so that we can see some more of Australia or just to go for a trip to the Sunshine Coast or somewhere and not have to pay a fortune. We really want to do a trip to Cairns (tropical far north Queensland, an 18hour drive from where we live) and stop at some of the major tourist places along the way...Mackay, the Whitsundays, Townsville, etc. That's our ultimate destination at this point in time. Two or three weeks would be great...when Mark has holidays next. Might seem like a bit of a naff thing to do, but we can't wait. And the tourist parks are awesome in Queensland - lots of things for families to do, and they are really gorgeous. Really looking forward to that phone call tomorrow! Hope they say YES!!!!

Anyway, that's us at this point in time. Busy, busy, busy!!!! But it's fun :) This week will be just as busy...lots of scrapping to do, amongst other things. Fill you all in later ;)


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