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Thursday, September 15, 2005

My bloody teeth....

are driving me CRAZY!!!!! I had to have another one extracted this week. I am fed up with them and am ready to have the whole lot out and get dentures. I guess the old wives' tale is right - have you heard it? That the earlier your teeth come through, then the earlier in life you will start to lose them? Well, that's me in a nutshell. I was doomed from the start because I was actually....


Yep, you did read that right. My bottom two front teeth were sitting right there in my gum when I was born. My poor Mum was absolutely horrified!!!! They were pulled out by our GP when I was six weeks old though as he and Mum were worried that they would easily come out by themselves as they would readily move back and forth when Mum was bottle feeding me. Anyway, I have really crowded bottom front teeth as a result and had endless problems with my wisdom teeth. They were removed under general anaesthetic as the top two were impacted and the bottom two were growing out at 45 degree angles to my gum....OUCH! I also had a major infection in my salivary gland following this surgery for which I was hospitalised and which needed six months worth of antibiotics.

Well, this brings me to here....lots of fillings, lots of infections, and four other extractions later. I am now missing four top molars - two on each side not including my wisdom teeth - and I need a little plate with four teeth on it so that I can eat properly. Well, maybe more as two of the molars that are left are not much good. I just don't understand how someone who is only 29 years old and has a good oral hygeine routine and calcium intake can have such crappy teeth. Oh well, nothing's perfect in this life....


:) LOL :)


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