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Sunday, September 11, 2005


Yep, it's scrapping mojo has gone awol. Aaaaaargh!!!! Right when I need it...I have another comp to enter (For Keeps Elite Team) and the deadline is FAST approaching. Oh my God - what now? Better send the troops out to search for it asap!!!!!! This was the last page that I created, two weeks ago almost, and very aptly it talks about how I re-discovered my creativity after such a long time spent trawling through my tertiary studies. Just wish I could re-discover it now but I've been stuck on completing a double page layout for the last week lol!!! :) Not like me at all...

I am such a dork in these photos - hehe!

Well, this week has been pretty crappy all round. Here's the drill...

Lots of house and yard work getting ready for the open house which was to be on Saturday just gone. Note I said *was*...Mark came home from work vomiting on Friday afternoon and thus our last-minute preparations went out the window. Promptly rang the real estate agent to cancel and we think he was a little cranky. Can't help these things though.

Been pretty lonely around here. My Mum - who I chat to every day on the phone even though we only live half an hour away from each other - has been away, and so has my Dad - who lives only two houses up the road from us so we see him every day. I really, really, really missed them. I love the close relationship that I have with each of them and they are such special people in my life...supportive, reliable, incredibly loving people that form the centre of my little family's existence. Lachie and Lili missed them a lot, too. They are so set in their routines of visiting or talking to them on the phone and it really threw them out to have them both away at the same time. And to make matters worse, their Nanny (DH Mark's Mum) was also away for a few days, Grandad had a skin graft on his nose, and their fave cousin Jesse (Mark's nephew) is in hospital after an asthma attack. We also re-kindled our friendship with two of our long-term friends who we hadn't seen for a long time. So, with all of these going-ons, things have been pretty skewiff this week. Hopefully things will settle down this week for us all.

Got something very exciting happening for my little family later on in the week, though. Will share later ;) For now I'm off to snuggle up in my bed as the first storm of the season drops it's much-needed rain on our roof.....aaaaahhhhh, just love it. It's the little things like that make me so happy :)


Blogger Brooke said...

Oh K... what an awesome, amazing layout!!! I just love it, you have the coolest handwriting! I love the little K accent and how you've done the photos down the side. Just awesome. Is this one of your FK layouts? (Hope they don't stumble across your blog!)

I'm sure your mojo will come back, babe. Maybe just have a couple of days where you force yourself not to scrap or think about scrapping? That might relieve the pressure a bit.

I chat to my mum daily too ;o) Couldn't live without her!

Chat soon xoxo

6:30 AM  

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