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Saturday, August 20, 2005


...about lots of stuff today.

About my sick little boy - he's meant to be going to his cousin's house for a sleepover tomorrow night and he'll be so crushed if he's too sick to go, but his breathing sounds "gaspy" at the moment (he's asleep for the night) and I don't muck around with illness anymore after my husband Mark's bout of ill health earlier this year (another story altogether).

About my Scrapbooking Memories' Masters Competition entry - will I get the nod or not? - the waiting to find out really sucks. Hope I'll know one way or the other in the next week.

About getting published - will it ever happen? I am starting to doubt that the mags here in Australia will ever get out of their rut and dare to publish something a bit different and slightly outrageous..but who knows? I can only keep trying, can't I?

About these *new ideas* that I have for some scrapbooking business ventures - I'd love for them to pan out and for me to be able to make a living creating like I always secretly have dreamed of.

About my Mum, my husband, an annoying male friend of mine...will the stress ever end? Phew, calm down girl!!! Shake it off and go to bed and wake up to a bright new day. Here's to tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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