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Friday, June 16, 2006

My secret exposed...

...AND...I am moving to a new blog :o)

Check out my fab secret here

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Clucking :o)


No I am NOT pregnant ROFLMAO!!!!! ;D

It's because I saw my friend Bec's cousin's newborn baby girl yesterday...and she was soooooo damn cute!!!! Brought back so many memories of being pregnant and labour and the kids as I had a good old cluck and remembered the old times, but I also reminded myself of how good it is to have those days behind me now. Yeah, I miss the baby years, but I love the little people my kids are becoming and I wouldn't go back there for QUIDS!!!! OMG I remember when Lili was born...Lachie was 19mths old and GO GO GO. Lucky she was a good baby lol!!!

Speaking of my girl, she is three in August. Such a big girl now, and I am so proud of her. She speaks very clearly and has beautiful all just a well-behaved, sweet little girl. I fall more in love with her every day :o) Here's a layout (below) of her that I did for the Scrap To The Max newsletter that came out today (HUGE SALE on now so get your butts over there, and sign up for the newsletter while you are there too!!). Amber has been working soooo damn hard this week to get the newsletter and the store ready for the sale, and so has her trusty sidekick Nic (HI GIRLS!!!!), and all of the effort has paid off 'cos the newsletter looks AWESOME!!!! All of the other DT girls have some absolutely fabulous stuff in there's a pure visual feast !!!! ;D

And, I'm gonna be naughty and tell you if you wanna see my other two layouts from the newsletter, then head on over the the Scrap To The Max gallery and check them out there hehehehe ;P

Anyway, here's Lili's layout...

The Live song "Heaven" that's playing on my blog came out when I pregnant with Lili...we thought it was a "sign" that we were having a girl because the Creed song "Arms Wide Open" came out when I was pregnant with Lachie and he was a boy ROFL (we didn't know what sex either of the kids were in utero as they couldn't tell) ;D Hmmmmm, just feeling nostalgic about my girl particularly and the fact that she's not a baby anymore. *SIGH!!!*

OOOOOOOH OOOOH...the big news is coming TOMORROW!!!!!! Stay tuned (cheeky making you all wait, I know lol) ;P

Catch you all then, and enjoy browing all of our gorgeous layouts at Scrap To The Max in the meantime ;D

Thank you for all of your support girls...each and every one of you. I couldn't make it through the day without you all :o)


Monday, June 12, 2006

Shaking off some sickness...

...over the last couple of weeks has been proving a little difficult for me. Nothing majorly wrong (unlike Shazz's poor sister...great to hear she's doing better Shazz!!!! :oD)...just niggly infections that have been leaving me feeling very fatigued and quite ill. Hopefully I'll be feeling better soon!

I have something really EXCITING that I am just DYING to announce to you all!!!! It sure has been a long time coming and I can't wait to get going with it FINALLY!!!!Look out for it here by the end of the week ;D

Busy working on DT layouts for Scrap To The Max at the moment, so I'll be able to share them soon too :o)

Short and sweet today...BIG relief for everyone's eyes, I bet lol ;D Chat to you all soon with the details on my secret project ;D


Wednesday, May 31, 2006


...job title...job description...etc. This week Mark and I have been busily filling out enrolment forms for Lachie for Prep School which he is due to start next year. OMG...I can't believe I just wrote that! It scares the LIFE out of me!!!! Anyway, that's for another blog post :o) So, Mark was busily doing his bits on the forms and thinking he'd give me a hand and fill mine out for me (I was busy scrapping...isn't he a sweetie???) and he calls out, "What do I put for your occupation?"

Yuk. I hate having to answer this question. Why? I don't know really...maybe it has to do with the embarrassing fact that I have only ever had two "real" jobs in my entire 30yrs on this planet. Maybe it's because I have been a "professional" student for the last 10yrs doing unpaid work experience in the hope of gaining employment from it at the conclusion of my studies...until now, that is. Maybe it's the the fact that "Homemaker" or "Household Duties" are terms that I feel uncomfortable with labelling myself as...since when do we get paid in monetary terms to be a mother and wife anyway? Lol ;D Or maybe I feel ashamed that I don't fit squarely into ANY occupation, and I don't think I ever will?

I called back, "Let me think about it and I'll fill it out tomorrow."

So, I pondered...and pondered...and pondered. I'm not a student anymore. I am not currrently working in any occupation which I can define on a stupid form in one or two brief words. I am not just a "housewife", and I refuse to ever be. But there is one thing that has been constant in my life, and which I am pursuing a new career in. Art. I paint, I draw, I scrap, I write, I design, I create...I LOVE it, and I always have, and forever will. It's a part of me that I have ignored for so long, suppressed, put on hold to pursue an academic career that would never satisfy or whet that overwhelming drive to create that completes me and is responsible for my very presence in the world.

The next night Mark looked at the Prep School forms lying on the kitchen bench still untouched by myself. He called to me again, "What do you want me to write here for your occupation?"

"Artist", I answered.

That's what I am now, always have been, and always will be. Regardless.

And with the utterance of that one word, I felt complete, alive, at peace...for the very first time in my life.

Sunday, May 28, 2006


This layout is my absolute favourite and it's been requested by SM for publication in their upcoming doodling gallery!!!!! I am soooo chuffed because I have been SUCH a baby about subbing my stuff, so I have subbed hardly anything at all...self-confidence thing lol ;D But, thanks to lots of encouragement (read: kicks up the know who you are girls ;P) I have decided to be less precious about it and, I DID IT!!!!...and hence the title of this post :o) I bet you are all ROFL your arses off at me now for being such a sook and yelling at the computer screen "I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!" hehehehe ;D

Now, a little bit about this layout...just in case you are interested. If not, feel free to skip this bit lol ;P It is a vertical double 12x12, and I have rounded the opposite corners of the black cardstock...aaah, bit self-explanatory. So, the white background is there 'cos I am too slack to be bothered with cropping it away properly. AAANYWAY, it's all about how my sense of style is very eclectic, and that this has carried over to my scrapbooking too. That's why I am wearing the necklace in the has lots of different little bits on it (ribbon, charms, shell buttons, etc.); very eclectic, and I wanted the photo to convey the layout's message of course. LOTS of different bits here, lots of different doodling, and it was HEAPS of fun to do!!! I actually intended to use this for my Scrap To The Max dt application but never got it finished in time, so I have been slowly working on it for the last few months...and it seems as though it has taken me FOREVER to finish it. I am so glad that I have, and I am thrilled to bits with it :o) Hmmmm, I need to take some detail shots of it a-la-Nic 'cos Blogger won't let you look at it the size it's meant to be.

Enough yabbering about that :o)

I am feeling like a REAL dill because when we got to the show on Friday, and I pulled out my camera, I turned it on and went to start shooting.....and no bloody CF card. DOH!!!!! BIG TIME!!!!!! So, no pics from the show :o( But, we all had a great time, just can't SHOW you how much of a good time (pardon the pun lol). Damn expensive though!!!!! Remember how I said Lachie wanted a Spiderman showbag and Lili wanted a Pony one??? Well, they weren't getting them for $21.50 EACH!!!! And they were just as happy with the $5 Freddo Frog showbags we got them instead...gorged themselves silly on chocolate lol ;D Oooooh, gotta tell you this too...I took Lili on the Ferris Wheel...and SHE was the one that asked ME if she could go on it!!!! I thought she'd be terrified to be up that high 'cos she's only two years old, but no tears...she actually laughed the WHOLE time and had a BALL waving to Daddy and Lachie...sooooooo damn funny ROFL!!!! ;D ;D ;D And no, I wasn't scared either lol, just in case you were wondering ;P But, I held onto her so way I was letting her budge!!!

Well, pretty good weekend here. Mark let me have the mother of all sleep-ins today...woke me at 11.30am and trust me, after the period I've had this past week, I needed it!!! Isn't he a sweetie???? I just hope I can sleep tonight! We went over to Mum's place for lunch - home made pizza YUMMY!!! - and played footy and jigsaws with the kids in Mum's backyard...Lachie was going for the kill tackling was soooo HILARIOUS!!!!!! Mum was almost wetting herself laughing lol ;D And Lil wanted a rest for a while, so we played with a jigsaw puzzle and watched the antics :o)

Wow, a rather short post for me lol ;D Check back in soon with something REALLY exciting...suspense lol ;P

Thanks for your support everyone and for checking in on me :o) MMMMMWAAAAAH!!!! xoxo

Thursday, May 25, 2006

New Layouts :o)

Ok. Here we go...lots to look at! Told you I've been busy scrapping lol ;P

Sometimes I have so many ideas for new layouts floating around in my head that everytime I try to scrap them, I end up with all of them on the one page and it is just a TOTAL MESS. I've had this going on in the last week. So, I scraplift. Not fussy layouts, just simple things. I really love Jamie Waters, Shannon Tidwell, and Candi Leonard, all dt members for KI Memories (who else? ROFL ;D). And Kristina Nicolai-White of Two Peas fame...she rocks too :o) So, off I go on my merry little way, and I have a ball!!! Somehow it settles my creativity down and lets me create in my own style again when I'm ready.

So, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I was in HEAVEN when I saw the article in CK, "Make 12 Layouts in One Night!" (May 2006, p.68) by Marianne Madsen, with all layouts by Jamie Waters. I was soooo doing the whole Homer-drool thing over it lol ;D And perfect timing too, with my scrap-jumbled brain! PLEASE excuse my photos...I swear everything is straight irl!!! So, here's my layouts for the "recipes" I've used so far...

Recipe 1 (p.72): Old pics of me the day my cousin Anna was christened. My Auntie asked me to be her Godmother. I was so chuffed! I'm almost nine years old laughing allowed lol!!!!!

Recipe 4 (p.75): Self-explanatory pics...Lachie playing with a cane beetle. He loves bugs and lizards and things :o)

Recipe 6 (p.78): Lachie's portrait for Junior Kindy room at daycare (2004). Isn't he a sweetie? He's 2 here :o)

Recipe 7 (p.79): Some pics of Lili being cheeky and not wanting to cooperate for some photos when she was 15mths. She was a terror!!! I tried and tried for AGES to get these...not the best photos but I wanted to scrap them anyway :o) Awww, the memories are flooding back!

Recipe 10 (p.82): Some quick photos of Lachie that I took the first day he was due to start in the Senior Kindy room at daycare last year...BIG boys' kindy ;D Hard to get him to stand still...he was so keen to get going lol ;D

Recipe 11 (p.83): A silly pic that Mark's Mum took of Lili rolling around on the grass and playing with her dolly. This was taken just after she'd learnt to crawl on her knees instead of her belly (10mths). She giggled the whole time ;D Geez I miss her being a baby...she was such an easy baby and so much fun! Lachie, on the other hand...drama queen, spewed everywhere endlessly, forever on the go. Phew!!!

Six recipes down, six to go. I've used all old photos from my stash that have been crying out to be scrapped, so that's the plan...I need to go through them all again and pick out some more :o) Each one took me on average about 35-40mins, compared to my usual 3-4hr marathons, so it's been a nice change to get six layouts done this week instead of two ROFL ;D

Oh, one more lift while I'm at it...a Candi Leonard lift here :o)

If there's one thing that I love about scrapping, it's that every single layout doesn't have to be an elaborate "masterpiece" iykwim. I can change up my style and let whatever I want influence me, whenever I choose, and I am still getting layouts done for my albums. AND, the brain settles itself down too. So, everyone's happy in the end lol ;P

Well, I'm off now to have some freshly-baked chocolate slice (like brownies) with my Mark...I know, it's midnight and I've been baking, I must be crazy ROFL ;D I made a chocolate cake too. Well, when the mood strikes lol ;P...

Be back soon with some pics from the show, and another layout I've been saving. Seeya!!!! MWAAAAAAAH!!!! :o)

My kids' layouts :o)

I am so proud of my two for their scrapping yesterday...I think this might have to become a regular thing with us :o)

Here's Lili's layout. She loved sticking everything on and had an absolute ball! She fiddled with it for ages, and added some cutting down the right-hand side (copying off her brother ROFL!!). So here it is, and yes it is proudly hanging on her bedroom door, which she thinks is just wonderful ;D

And here's Lachie's layout...he's really into cutting at the moment, so he just HAD to cut it all around. He said it was too big so he had to cut some off...ROFL!!! He was so much quicker than Lili, and he's got a really linear style. And, he used a whole gluestick on it, which I had only bought yesterday especailly for him to use for his scrapping...GRRRR!!!! Lili got one too. Anyway, here it is, also hanging proudly on his bedroom door, which he also thinks is fabulous ;D

So there you go :o) We are planning another scrap-a-thon for the weekend so YAY!!!!! Can't wait...I am sure we will have fun again ;D

Patience Nic...will blog my layouts later tonight LOL :o) Tea to get ready now for the hungry hoardes, so see you all later tonight :o) xoxo

Counting down... People's Day at our local Fraser Coast Show on Friday!!! We are so excited...the kids and I have been talking about the show non-stop, it seems. I don't know who's more excited, me or the kids lol!

Anyway, Lachie has been remembering all of the fun stuff from the show last year, but Lil wasn't two yet so she doesn't remember much. Lach has been talking about the kids' rides to Lil and I endlessly...they have this little bunch of rides all grouped together in the one area with a HUGE big circus tent-type roof covering it (complete with access to toilets, seats for parents, and food, and the wood chop is right across from it too so it's good for all of us ;D). Last year, the kids went on every ride (there are five under the circus tent), and on the motorbikes three times, and they are both soooo damn excited about it!!!! And the show bag ads have hit the telly this week...Lachie wants a Spiderman bag and Lili wants a Pony bag. OMG I can't wait to see their little faces when we drive into the showgrounds this year!!!!

Show time reminds me of home though...Maryborough home. We moved out to where we lived when I was 5. Two years later, the new showgrounds were opened up on the highway...we had to travel for a couple of mins past it each time we went into town or home again. Still have to. Anyway, we'd keep an eye on the showgrounds the weekend before the show...we'd watch each day as more showies arrived, more rides went up, and the anticipation built too until the show opened. We could see the fireworks from our house, smell the smells, hear the screams of the people on the rides, see the lights glowing in the was just magic! And we lived so close, so we went every day the show was on. GOD I loved the show when I was a kid! And I still love it :o)

But I am really missing it this year. Missing watching the showies set up, seeing the showgrounds evolve, hearing the sounds and seeing the lights. Missing Dad's house, my childhood home. Not missing Maryborough, or our freezing cold house down the road from Dad's though!!! Our new house is MUCH warmer thank goodness :o) But missing this time of year living in Neil Road...and my Dad, and my dog Tessie. This is the first show time since I was 5 that I haven't spent living in Neil Road, and it's a bit of a shock to the system. I'll get over it though :o)

In other news, I've been feeling really flat this last week. Period time again...and don't even ask!!!! It's been horrid!!!!!! Really painful and I've felt sooooo tired. Been sleeping lots trying to pick myself up. This time next week I'll be feeling 100% again though, so that's good. Still, I can't complain. At least I get my period, unlike my friend Bec who wants a baby more than anything in the world and will most likely never have one of her own. Makes me feel blessed that I have two special little kiddies that I love more than anything in the world. I don't know what I would've done if I was in Bec's position...I don't know how she copes sometimes.

Not much else to report, other than I've been busy scrapping :o) Remember that CK article I told you about last post? I've been using some of my old photos to scrap some layouts using the "Recipes" from the article...just bumming around doing some scrapping for me :o) I love them!!! Not taking me 15 or 20mins per layout though lol ;D I'll share some later. And today Lachie, Lili and I had a was fun!!!! I scrapped one of my layouts from the CK article while I helped them out. Lachie needed more help than Lili, even though he's older...he's more fussy, like me. Lil? She justs slaps it on...wish I could be as carefree with my own scrapping as my 2yo is lol ;P I love their layouts :o) They want to put them on their bedroom doors, so I'll do that for them tomorrow while they are at daycare...nice little surprise when they get home :o) Will share a pic later, too.

Well, thanks for reading my mammoth post (are they EVER NOT mammoth???? ROFL ;D) and I'll check back hopefully later today with some layout pics now my camera battery is nice and charged. See ya!!! xoxo

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Scrapping news!!!!! AND a challenge for you...

Hi everyone! How are you all out there in Blogland?

The latest newsletter from Scrap To The Max came out on Monday night, and Amber has done such a FANTASTIC job of putting it together...kudos to you girl!!!! It looks so awesome, and our rockin' DT have done some mind-blowing layouts for you all to perve at, so go check us out here! YAY!!!!! I LOVE newsletter day ;P

So, speaking of the STTM newsletter, that's the reason why I couldn't show you Nic's layout...I decided to keep it for the newsletter, and Amber has used it to set a challenge for this month. Download my flower template from the gallery and give it a go!!! Use it to create your own layout, uplaod it to the gallery, and you might win a fab prize from Scrap To The Max!!!! Here's the original I did Nic...

Nic, I am so touched and humbled by how much you love it girl. I am having so much fun doing these layouts for everyone! Moi sent me her pics last night, so now I am all set to get scrapping hers...look out for it here next week Moi!!!! ;D

My second layout for fave. I journaled the words from Pete Murray's (no girls...he's ALL M I N E !!!!!!) new song "Opportunity" straight onto the photo of me. Used my Uniball Signo gel pens Zig Writers. I had TONNES of fun playing with my new KI goodies that I got for last month's dt pack, as you can see lol ;D Threw sooo much on there...couldn't help myself ROFL!!! Oooooh, and those new Heidi Swapp silhouette chipboard hearts that STTM has in are to-DIE-for...I have been hanging out for some for MONTHS!!!!!! But I LOVE it, even though it's busy, and it is a really precious layout to me as the lyrics describe the place I am in with my scrapping right now...

And here's my third layout...for this month's ribbon challenge. All ribbons are from the yummo range at STTM (except the red ric rac). Pic is of my two gorgeous little kiddies giving each other a cuddle, as they do. Lachie was telling me tonight how much he loves his little sister, and how he said "Non-night Lil, I love you" when Mark tucked her into bed. I love how they are such good mates, how they look out for each other and cuddle each other all the time, run to each other when Mummy or Daddy get up either of them...they are so sweet! But, oh TRUST me, they do fight too, everyday!!! What siblings don't, huh? But I am just so proud of the way they show their love for each other everyday, really tugs at my heart-strings :o)

So, that's it from me for STTM for another month! I hope Amber will let me sneak some more new KI onto my layouts for next month too...puleeeeeeeese Amber????? ROFL ;D

Other scrapping news from me: LOTS going on. I am busily sketch-sketch-sketching layout ideas at the moment...I am a sketching machine!!! I always begin my layouts by sketching a plan of it first...artist's habit! Anyhow, I have bought a new sketchbook this week and have been so busy designing some new layout ideas...what for? SOme just for me, others for something I can't tell you about just'll have to wait and see ;P

I am LOVING Marianne Madsen's "Make 12 Layouts in One Night!" article in this month's CK...AND, all of the layouts are by one of my fave scrapbookers, Jamie Waters! I ADORE Jamie!!!! And her new baby girl is just the cutest little thing!!!!! So I am taking up Marianne's challenge...I've been busily going through my old pics of the kids and will be using them for the layouts. I'll post them here as I go :o)

So that's me...busy busy busy planning new scrapping adventures. Stay tuned for more soon!!!!!

Well, THREE posts in ONE night means I am ALL blogged out for now, but I'll be back with more soon then and thanks for dropping in on me :o)


Tagged... Mel! Here it is matey...finally I hear you say ROFL ;P

In my Fridge
Apple juice - Lachie's fave drink
Chocolate "Thomas the Tank Engine" cupcakes
Leftover sweet & sour chicken from tea tonight
Broccoli - Lili has been wanting it every tea time lately, so we have LOTS lol ;D
Fresh ham for lunch tomorrow...yummy!!!

In my Closet
Skinny clothes (me too Mel!)
LOTS of pairs of thongs...I love 'em and wear them even in winter!
A blow-up jet ski - pool toy of Lili's that she WON'T leave alone so I'm hiding it from her!!!
My winter clothes - unpacked them just recently and it's been too warm to even contemplating wearing them here yet!
Too many beaded handbags lol...handbag FREAK here ;D
My black gypsy skirt...I am LOVING this at the mo!!!

In my handbag
Billabong wallet
Body Shop raspberry lip balm - YUMMY!!!
Tampons - 'cos I never know when my damn period is going to appear!
Nurofen Plus - for above-mentioned unpredictable period

In my car
Toys, toys and MORE toys - why do kids do this?????
Kids' shoes - ditto for above
Latest CK magazine - got it today and LOVE it!!!!
Bills - YUK!

On my DVD / Viedo player
CSI that I taped on Sunday night
"Ghostrider" DVDs - anyone else have a husband who loves this motorbike-riding freak????
Madagascar - my two love singing "I like to move it move it" at the top of their voices at the mo lol ;P
DVD remote - away from "Lili the battery bandit" ROFLMAO...she keeps pinching them to put back in a very annoying toy of hers that we took the batteries out of ;P
Photo of our nephew Jesse (Mark's sister's delightful 13yo boy)

Hmmmm, I might just have to scrap that now! LOL ;D

Thanks Mel :o)

No news is bad news...

...well, with me it is anyway. When you don't hear from me for a while, things have been crap. I tend to withdraw and deal with things in my own quiet way, and I have always been like that. So, last week was the CRAPPIEST week!!!!!! But it's done and dealt with and moving on :o) THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to you all for your gorgeous caring encouraging supportive posts...honestly, I couldn't have made it through the last week without you girls, so thank you, really, from the deepest blackest nether-regions of my dark heart ;D

GOOD NEWS!!!!! My heart is not so dark this week lol, and here's why ;P

Ding dong, the witch is, not really, but may as well be! Mark's boss has been given an unceremonious transfer, effective come November...he's off to Mount Isa!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! No more intimidation and bullying from him directed towards my Mark, and now Mark knows he's moving 1000kms away from us in the very near future, he's absolutely over the should've seen him on Monday when he came home and told me...sooooo funny!!!!! He literally almost DID jump over the moon, I swear!!!!! Seriously though, it is so nice to have him happy and joking around again :o)

Man, I don't think we have EVER been so happy to see payday as we were this last couple of days...yesterday for me, today for Mark. And his lost pay has been reimbursed, but he lost half of it to the bloody tax man *blowing him a BIG FAT RASPBERRY!!!!* Oh well, at least we will be able to pay off most of our unpaid bills so that is GREAT!!!!

Well, I am off to blog about happier things now...I just wanted to get all of this other stuff out in a separate post. So, on to brighter things now :o)